I stayed up until 1:30 AM working on my part of the script. Well it was more like procrastinating I was doing other non school related things. I just wanted to make sure I had my script for class, and not one of my Carmen fan fics. I didn’t want them mistakenly reading something else I wrote and printed out by accident, and ask why one of the characters is explaining what cartography is.

I was wearing my Sailor Moon shirt along with my Minako hair style with the red bow. Now that my hair is a little bit longer it looks a little better. It’s no where near as long as Minako’s is.

There was some guy watching Digimon on the bus. I could see Mimi and Palmon from Digimon on the phone. It was the season 1 Mimi with the cowboy hat.
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I ran into somebody from class in the bathroom. They were telling me about how much trouble they were having with the script, and that they didn’t finish it. But they gave me insider information and said their group is writing for my group.

The teacher said Mr. Disney and I were the only 2 people who got “A”s on the assignment. Yay! ^-^ I messed up a little on the #LLOVEYOURAPP commercial. I missed a word or something. Perhaps I should have done the Rockapella one? I could have been like “Ok, now I’ll do Rockapella sings about cups at Taco Bell. They were like the Pentatonix of the 90s.” I know I’d totally say that. He said the assignment was more about mimicking the pacing if you didn’t write your own. He also doesn’t know about my auditory study hack. I used it for 3 or 4 assignments.

The teacher said we have to add a 4th guy to the group and rewrite the script. He’s like totally badmouthing the guy because he never shows up to class, and then he walks in the room behind him. It was kinda funny. Like something from a tv show. I think the teacher noticed my reaction when I saw that guy walk in. It could have been my fault too. I like to relax and listen to music before class.

Somebody said the teacher was wearing a nice jacket. To be honest I really don’t notice what he wears. Well except that one time he was wearing a dorky shirt. But I never said anything to his face. What would I say? “Your shirt is dorky looking.” That is very rude.

The script was a hit! ♥0♥ It wasn’t formatted very well because it was a rough draft information dump. It was sort of formatted like a script. At least I came with something. Two of the people in my group had nothing.

Then my group was talking about Terry Crews, but they couldn’t remember his name. I don’t know him from movies, but I do know him from tv.

But this class session made me realize one of the most important things I personally need as a writer is self confidence.