Solemn Chunk America — November 9, 2016

Solemn Chunk America

What the hell happened!? What the fuck America!?

Don’t blame me for 2 reasons I did what I was told I voted for Hillary and I’m not a congress person so my popular vote doesn’t matter anyway. It’s all about the electoral college. I should know I took Political Science twice. I think the public as a whole needs to learn about the electoral college.

She had so much going for her. Star power, the media, people not hating on her.  She was predicted to win back in August, and not just a win a landslide win.

Plus California is like: “You better vote Democrat fucker!” Practically the whole state is democrat aside from a few conservative (Republican) pockets here and there. So why fight it? *shrugs*

I know my parents think it is very dangerous for me to not think for myself. But I can’t recall an instance in my life when thinking for myself actually had a desirable result.

That 270 to win wasn’t working very well. But it didn’t look good for her. When I saw the site it was 209 Hillary to 264 Trump.

When I checked on tv it said that Trump had won. The reporter on tv used the word “depressing”. I was so upset I didn’t get any sleep. I just kept thinking about it. This guy is going to be our president!?

I woke up upset like really upset. Ready to denounce my citizenship as an American. My parents thought I was overreacting. But I really don’t want to be here in the USA anymore.

You turned on the tv and everybody was just sad.

Good thing I’m not taking Poli Sci this semester. I could imagine what kind of shit storm would have been in that class.

I was really expecting to be riots, mass suicide, and mass immigration (people leaving the USA). But when I went outside people just seemed to be going on with their day to day activities.

Free Day? — November 7, 2016

Free Day?

I got the day off from school or did I really? No I did not. I was moving out of my storage space. I did not go to class though. I just hope the teacher got the assignment he told us to email him. My only goal was to have it turned in before the Rams’ game on Sunday afternoon. Which I did do.
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Nico Nico Nii!

I saw this in the Target catalogue. I told my parents I want this bike! It’s a Cutie Mark Crusaders bike. Alas I can not ride it. It’s a 12 I haven’t fit on a 12 bike since I was 3 or 4. I was a tall kid. I don’t even know what size bike I’d fit on now? Maybe a 26? (I circled the bike in red crayon in paint to give it that circling toys in the catalogue feel)
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I wanted a pimped out bike as a kid. (of course people didn’t say “pimped out” in the 1980s) With those spoke things, streamers, a basket and I think a banana seat.
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My first bike looked like this, but it had pink tires and it came with a little bag on it.
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The closest thing I got to “pimping it out” was that my mom had got me some “pom poms” at the Toys R Us I’m not sure what they were they had long thin handles that suspiciously fit in the handle bars of my tricycle and first bike.

This has nothing to do with bikes or storage spaces, but my drank some Mountain Dew Kickstart Orange. Which I think is so funny since he is so against me drinking them and for himself to drink them too. I really liked them and tricked him into thinking that they were “soda”. Until I found out regular Mountain Dew had more caffeine than the Kickstart energy drinks. It’s ok but the original Mountain Dew tasted better. It “tickles your innards”.

Bastard Cusp Generation — November 4, 2016

Bastard Cusp Generation

Can you believe what my mom told me? That I’m from Generation X. Me? Generation X? No never! I refuse to! I have nothing in common with those people! >o< My mom doesn’t realize that so much of this is tied into pop culture.

There is so much snobbery from them. It’s always the same: “Class of 1986 Rules, Magic Sand, Sunshine Family, Freestyle music, underoos, 3 Channel Saturday morning cartoons, latchkey kids, divorce, raising my 5 siblings, hard working (more than Baby Boomers and Millennials), metal lunchboxes, Schoolhouse Rock 1st run, grunge rock, Darci is better than Jem, Brady Bunch, big 80s hair, Heathers, Breakfast Club, Brat Pack, Swatches, hair metal, Office Space, Clerks, USA Bicentennial, breakdancing, ‘Personal Jesus’ and arcade games.”

My cartoons are better than your cartoons. My toys are better than your toys. My movies are better than your movies. I know the type I’ve been to those nostalgia boards and websites. And their user names are usually like IluvDebbieDeb1967 or princessclaire65.

I get it ok.

But I don’t know I guess I did it wrong sometimes I don’t like a lot of “core” Millennial stuff. I didn’t kiss my Justin Timberlake poster every night, define myself as Britney or a Christina, own a Furby G1, “Bye Bye Bye” wasn’t “my jam”, never owned a Hit Clip, watch the movie Zenon, I’ve never seen Our Fault in the Stars or read the book, Chicken Noodle Soup (the song), Nick and Jessica, High School Musical, Reggaeton, The Hills, Lady Gaga, Owning a Spice Girls doll, Dubstep, and Full House.

When I read those Millennial lists I’ll like or recognize like 20 out of the 100 items listed. I don’t really like boy bands that much anyway. I think there is something wrong with me. I did enjoy Power Rangers which was considered a baby show by my peers.

My mom pointed out that somebody who is 28 could only like classic rock and that could throw off everything. They are all like “modern music sucks I only like Jimi Hendrix”

To be honest I feel I have more in common with somebody born in 1994 than I do with somebody born in 1974.

Look let’s get this straight you don’t want me and I don’t want you. So were even ok?

Re-Recording — November 3, 2016


So I had to go back to school to record more stuff for class. I was hoping this time it would be better. That I actually had some idea of that I was doing.

Pokémon enthusiast guy tried to get on the bus, but the driver would not let him on. So he started running to the next bus stop. Which is pretty far from the one he was not allowed to board the bus at. There was no way he was gonna outrun the bus. Unless he was like Usain Bolt or something. He didn’t make it.

When I went there to do my assignment. The microphone was not compatible with the computer or something. I changed computers and got my work done. The good thing was I got my work done a lot faster.

When I got a good look at the flash drive that I tried to decorate over the weekend. It looks ok, but I think it could be better. I think I need to rethink my design.

Went back to my old stomping grounds the performing arts department. They have such a nice bathroom there. Since I was using it while it was class time it was relatively quiet there. I thought about this funny saying/quote “I have a big personalty on the inside.”


Somewhere Around 8 — November 2, 2016

Somewhere Around 8

So my teacher had to change the class schedule. That is only because a bunch of people either dropped the class or have stopped coming. There is anywhere from between 8-12 people. It’s a good thing we are getting a few days off this month. ^-^

I got put in a group to do a presentation. They wanted me to mispronounce words, and some how I ended up reading them in a Southern accent. The other people in the group liked that, but I was worried. Last time I froze up. I hope that doesn’t happen again. That would be so frustrating and embarrassing. I’m having a hard time doing a Texas dialect/accent. I’ll just study some videos or something.

I’ve been feeling I don’t know a little “off” today.

The Cubs won the  World Series after all those years.

Dodgers 2017?

The Write Moves — November 1, 2016

The Write Moves

That sounds like the title of an educational television program about writing.

So Nanowrimo started so I expect to see a bunch of people writing about writing and acting like joining that is the only way to get some writing done. It can be for some people, but not for me. I write sporadically in bursts. Think of me as a sprinter writer and not a marathon writer.

I told one of the storage spaces I’m at that I’ll be moving. Then they got all nice and friendly with me. They are only nice since they know I’m leaving. They wanted to know why. Maybe it is because you are cheap price wise, but have horrible customer service. You are so bad I’m willing to pay more in price to get better customer service. So at the moment I currently have 3 storage spaces, but I’m moving out of the other 2.

Don’t forget to get your free taco tomorrow!