Joy and Pain — December 29, 2016

Joy and Pain

I started thinking about myself. And my personal year. I guess it can’t be all bad. I did find my real talent. So I’m very happy, satisfied, relived about that. I really thought I was not good at anything. It took me that long. Well best to know now than to never know at all. And I was plugging away at finishing up school.

With all the celebrity deaths I genuinely fear for all my favorites. Then I started to think it there is a year to celebrity death ratio per year? I tried to find that but nobody bothered to calculate that. Really? You’d think somebody would.

There is like nothing good on this year for new years eve programming. Seacrest’s and Pitbull’s shows *yawn!* Maybe I’ll just watch the Red and White festival from Japan.

And don’t forget that the Rose Parade will be on the 2nd this year because New Years Day falls on a Sunday. But the Rose Bowl game is still being held on the 1st.

1996 Pop Culture Favorites — December 27, 2016

1996 Pop Culture Favorites

I read this old AV Club article and i was planning to put my own spin on it. I’ll say different forms of media since 1996 was a big year for me media wise in general.

The songs: “Don’t Speak”, “Life in Mono”, “Lovefool”, “Big Chair”, “No Diggity”, “Mother Mother”, “Loungin”, “Sell Out”, “6th Avenue Heartache”, “Bittersweet Me”, “My Boo”, “C’mon N’ Ride it (the train)”, “Head Over Feet”, “Devils Haircut”, “Whoever you Are”, “Zero”, “Champagne Supernova”, “Return of the Mack”, “Firestarter”, “Free to Decide”, “Drop Dead Gorgeous”, “Phony Calls”, “Killing Me Softly”, “Photograph”, “DJ Girl”, and “6 Underground”.
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With Sailor Moon, MAD TV, and Partners I’m fudging it a little since they premiered in the fall of 1995. For Sailor Moon I mean the American debut.

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Arthur, Aliens in the family, BZZZ!, Bone Chillers, Baking with Julia, The Dana Carvey Show, Clueless, Kwit Witz (the show I first saw Wayne Brady on), The Mouse and the Monster, Saturday Night Special, and Road Rovers.

Norm Macdonald’s Bob Dole impersonation which was nothing more than him saying “Bob Dole” and referring to himself in the 3rd person.

Space Jam
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And all the fashion. While I was trying to secretly fine tune my Gwennabee look. Does my nail polish consumption during 1996 count too? (I didn’t eat it just bought it)
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A Kick you in the Balls Kind of Year — December 26, 2016

A Kick you in the Balls Kind of Year

The year 2016 has to be by far one of the worst years in human history, and it’s true because most everybody agrees with me. Don’t go against the grain, and thinking for yourself is bad so why fight it?

Don’t even get me started with the election thinking about it is making me physically ill.

And all those wonderful celebrities we lost. Sometimes you need hero worship and celebrities in your life. And sometimes that is all you have. I wish people understood that better and were not so callus about it. You need things like this at this time. Sorry you heartless fools.

So I imagine myself beating up old man 2016 and giving him a kick in the balls.

So seriously FUCK OFF 2016! I can’t wait for you to die!
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If I had the chance I’d slaughter baby new year 2017 right now, and put that baby out of it’s misery.

Ariel is Old News! — December 25, 2016

Ariel is Old News!

You want to see some loot right? I finally opened up those ornament Shopkins. They were really hard to open.

I got a double of one character this gold ball guy. I got another one of the same character, but in a different color scheme. I got two of the present character, but they are different color schemes.

(forgot to take pics, but I’ll add them later)

I really wanted a wreath character. I don’t know their names they didn’t come with a pamphlet or anything. What if there were adult themed Shopkins? And they had very strange names I guess parents wouldn’t be too cool with a character named Connie Condom. Or there could be an adult knockoff brand.


All the Shopkins things I bought for myself. I got myself self something for my secret hobby. I haven’t been working on it much. That diction grade was nothing to sneeze at. Since I worked hard in my class it was a worthy payoff. I regret nothing in that sense.

And some rum. I like that I can get alcohol as a present now.

I watched Beauty and the Beast on tv. I remember when the movie came out, and Ariel was considered old news. I was upset. I love Ariel! She is my favorite Disney princess ever! Even today. I had a bunch of merchandise from the movie (lunchbox, clothes, a knockoff tile from the church fiesta, sticker book, stickers, dolls, puppets, pesto magix, the video, coloring books, reading books, meal toys, party supplies, and probably a bunch of other things I forget. ), and I tried really hard to like her. But she is no Ariel. I have nothing against Belle though. I don’t hate her or anything like that. I’m not too cool with Ariel’s Saturday Morning cartoon. Belle got it even worse with her live action Sing me a Story show. Does anybody even remember that? That series is considered partially lost. But then we moved onto Jasmine pretty quickly. And by the time the next Disney Princess movie came out I was too old for princesses back then.

Here is a picture of our tree. It was a little hard to photograph. i think my mom did a pretty good job decorating it with things we found around the house and the few boxes of ornaments we did find. The Shopkins are removed from the tree in the picture.

Christmas in the Garage — December 24, 2016

Christmas in the Garage

This title has nothing to do with cars.

So we’ve been dealing with a leaky garage for a few days now. It rains and it leaks really bad and the garage is pretty full so we really don’t know what to do. And we are all frustrated.

Plus it’s Christmas time so my dad is stressed about that.

He is even more upset after Carr’s injury which hurts the Raiders’ postseason. You know when a quarterback is injured when he is yelling in agony after being tackled. It turned out to be a broken leg. 😦

Festivus Pizza — December 23, 2016

Festivus Pizza

There is no Greg Lee themed airing of grievances like last year.

I suggested that we put up a Festivus pole due to lack of space. But we made space for a tree.

My dad said about it being Festivus and what should we do or eat for it yesterday. I said we should bet on horses and eat bagels. It’s what they do in the episode among other things.

Seinfeld had a #5DaysofFestivus thing going on this year.

My mom wanted a frozen pizza. We got a good frozen pizza no bald spots. It’s a Festivus Miracle!

I had some alcohol though. Like Kruger did at the dinner, but it was not in a flask though.

It’s really cold here and rainy. It’s so cold for my teeth are starting to hurt.

Data Loss — December 22, 2016

Data Loss

So I just have to be stingy with the data for about 22 days. Who knew I was going to waste a month’s worth data in 10 days? Maybe I should not have watched 2 hours of cartoons on it. I think I’ll just stick to web browsing for now. I’m still having to try and learn how to use that thing. My mom is mad because I don’t know how to work the phone. She asked why I didn’t get to learn how to at the store. Because dad was upset because it was taking too long for me to set it up and remember all the passwords to transfer the account and the store was crowded. And she wonders why I’m so obsessed with doing and learning things so quickly.

School’s Out for Winter — December 14, 2016

School’s Out for Winter

Today was my final and I had to get up early to get there at 7:30 AM.

I was afraid my phone was going to go off in class or something especially since I don’t really know how to use it, and most of the class knew I had a flip phone. I had planned to watch some videos on the bus for inspiration. My dad gave me a ride to school. He was worried that nobody would be there. Since he gave me a ride I did not have time to watch the videos on the bus.

I was just happy there were no soda soaked bell bottoms or soda spilled in my backpack. There was no costume wearing at all. I didn’t need to be the characters like in my theater final. No complete and utter memorization. I was worried I was not feeling it. Did I need to feel it?

When I got there a few people from class were already there waiting for the teacher to come. I spent the time before class writing and not studying my script. I didn’t want to drink too much soda, but I don’t need to fear soda. I just wanted to know if we were going to get our grades early. Before we left and not checking into the school website to read them. Somebody came to class in slippers I mean they were really slippers not those boot kind. People don’t dress up for finals like in high school. Such is college life.

The group that got the script my group wrote wanted to perform first. They were the only group who had all their members present at the beginning of class. It was funny to see it performed. Especially the part I wrote. My group went third. When I was up there. I did my very best Chief (from World) and Lida impersonations. Lida was a character from the MADtv skits called “Dishing the Dirt”. I didn’t even really study the script. During that week I was goofing off looking for shopkins, going to the mall, and trying to work my smart phone. Once I figured out how to watch youtube videos on the phone I watched part of The Pied Pirates of Petra over the weekend. I was just happy I didn’t burp during the presentation.

Then I was thinking we ended with 12-16 people in the class and I don’t remember most of their names when I was in there. I think like only 8 people not including the teacher.

I got an “A”! ^-^ Let’s just say I haven’t seen one of those on my transcript in a long time. It seemed destined for me to take that class. Everything seemed to fall into place. The cheap book and the fluke things I did and got a good grade on. And all the hard work I put into it.

If my calculations are correct I think I only have 2-3 communications classes left and that dreaded math class. :/

When I was riding the bus home the bus was breaking down on the ride back. The 2nd one in a week. And they were for 2 different routes.

Maybe I should celebrate with some Alice Cooper?

I’m retiring my Hello Kitty backpack. It served me for a good 2 years.

I was thinking about this video I watched a little while ago. I like her craft videos but they seem really labor intensive.

eye-phone (really bad and overused pun) XoX @o@ — December 10, 2016

eye-phone (really bad and overused pun) XoX @o@

I miss Cyclops. No, not that guy.
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So I finally got a smartphone! XD

I still have the same carrier. Virgin Mobile. Luckily at the store the guy set up the phone for me.  It’s a bitch to set up those phones and they take a long time. I was telling him that my first fancy phone was a Cyclops and it had 4g internet. I do miss my Cyclops phone. Then when it broke because I fell on the sidewalk I had to get that cheap flip phone that did practically nothing. He said he remembered them. Either that or he was humoring me. :/ I’m not sure.

My dad was asking something about smartphones and how it can controll a tv or something. The sales guy asked what kind of phone I have. I’m like; “I don’t know this one”. Then I show him the phone. I had literally just bought it in another section of the store. I have no idea what I’m doing so I don’t really know what it does yet. I kept trying to sign into gmail.

Plus I keep getting suspicious activity alerts while I’m trying to link my accounts to the phone.

I manged to download a few apps, but that is it. I still haven’t out Pokemon Go yet. XoX

Local View — December 9, 2016

Local View

So I went to the local mall to see the local weather man or is it newscaster? Am I using the word “local” too much in this blog?

Parking is a bitch in Mondays and Fridays where I live, so I had to take the bus there.

The only problem was that the bus was breaking down. I didn’t think I was gonna make it. I thought if it totally broke down I’d not go to the mall and just ride it back the other way home. But eventually the bus did.

When I get to the mall. I’m there for one mission and one mission only and that is to see/meet him. Ok maybe 2. I also needed a kawaii stationary fix.

When I finally get there. I need to find my bearings once I get in the mall. I noticed that the “you are here” thing on the directory is missing. I should have just followed the loud music. It’s not like I don’t know what he looks like I’ve been watching him on tv for years. I knew what he was wearing I know that sounds creepy, but it’s not. I had seen him at the mall earlier in the day on tv. He dresses up in a holiday outfit.

I was there looking around for him. There he was alone resting in the news van. I was feeling a little brash and approached him. I was telling him about my socks. It’s a joke from his old job at the other tv station.He complemented my shoes. Who else would pair up black and white striped socks with pink-peachy shoes? I know where to get striped novelty socks online and locally.

There was dogs and a high school band. There was this lady who parked illegally. She also said she watched him on the other channel. I didn’t want to stay long only because I was a moocher and didn’t donate anything. And I didn’t want to be in any videos. Only because I didn’t go to class on Wednesday. If I had gone to class I might have. What if my classmates saw it?

It was really interesting just to see how they shoot it and everything. I did not tell him what I’m majoring in, but I really should have. He seemed happy to be there for less time. When he would do the toy drive on the other channel he’d be at the location for over 12 hours. I think he was only at the mall for 7-8 hours.

He was cool and nice and not a jerk. He also looks as tall as he does on tv. I’ll owe him 2 toys next year if he comes back to that mall. (good toys not like Monster Girl doll or a Demon Donkey)
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image host

I did pick up some kawaii pencils and paid in change. I felt like Arthur from the Christmas special. I didn’t pay with that much change. Only like $2.
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image host
(screen caps from an old KCET broadcast of it with the Captain Infinity watermark)

They have a Build a Bear in the mall now. One thing I don’t need more stuffed animals. They also redid the facade of the Disney Store they got rid of the Mickey and friends statues playing the piano.

Then I thought “I iz socializing. This is what people do? Listening to some lady tell me about broken down buses and gift cards?”

On the bus ride home there was this guy on the bus who reminded me of that loud guy from my drama class. It wasn’t him I think but the way he sort of looked like him and his mannerisms.

It could be a lame claim to fame.