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I was supposed to go to school today. “Supposed” because I was going to meet with my group members somewhere to practice our lines. They could not agree on anything on Monday or if they did I didn’t hear it. They have my email so if they wanted they could send me an email about what to do and where to go. I was feeling generous. I gave them until 1:30AM on Tuesday. I can’t be doing things last minute on the bus. I don’t drive a car. I didn’t really wanna go to class anyway. I still feel really sick and I have been to every single class session before that. I deserve and can “cash in” one absence. Even before he said he wasn’t going to take roll on Wednesday.

No cool Ferris Bueller-esque antics. I did boring stuff; I watched Let’s Make a Deal (Wayne version), went to the Target, and got some pizza.

There is like no colored or fun print duck tape. It all got replaced with washi tape! >o< I guess I’ll have to pay like $6 at the craft store for it.

After I saw these in the Myfroggystuff video. I really wanted the Christmas ball Shopkins. I mean you could see what was inside. I know I’m trying to cut down on the clutter.

Then the lady working there charged me the wrong price for them (cheaper). So that was good. And I seem to have good luck with buying Shopkins at Target remember when I got that discount on those open ones?

I was also looking for a cute backpack, but I didn’t find anything I really liked.

(I checked my email there was nothing from them)