So I went to the local mall to see the local weather man or is it newscaster? Am I using the word “local” too much in this blog?

Parking is a bitch in Mondays and Fridays where I live, so I had to take the bus there.

The only problem was that the bus was breaking down. I didn’t think I was gonna make it. I thought if it totally broke down I’d not go to the mall and just ride it back the other way home. But eventually the bus did.

When I get to the mall. I’m there for one mission and one mission only and that is to see/meet him. Ok maybe 2. I also needed a kawaii stationary fix.

When I finally get there. I need to find my bearings once I get in the mall. I noticed that the “you are here” thing on the directory is missing. I should have just followed the loud music. It’s not like I don’t know what he looks like I’ve been watching him on tv for years. I knew what he was wearing I know that sounds creepy, but it’s not. I had seen him at the mall earlier in the day on tv. He dresses up in a holiday outfit.

I was there looking around for him. There he was alone resting in the news van. I was feeling a little brash and approached him. I was telling him about my socks. It’s a joke from his old job at the other tv station.He complemented my shoes. Who else would pair up black and white striped socks with pink-peachy shoes? I know where to get striped novelty socks online and locally.

There was dogs and a high school band. There was this lady who parked illegally. She also said she watched him on the other channel. I didn’t want to stay long only because I was a moocher and didn’t donate anything. And I didn’t want to be in any videos. Only because I didn’t go to class on Wednesday. If I had gone to class I might have. What if my classmates saw it?

It was really interesting just to see how they shoot it and everything. I did not tell him what I’m majoring in, but I really should have. He seemed happy to be there for less time. When he would do the toy drive on the other channel he’d be at the location for over 12 hours. I think he was only at the mall for 7-8 hours.

He was cool and nice and not a jerk. He also looks as tall as he does on tv. I’ll owe him 2 toys next year if he comes back to that mall. (good toys not like Monster Girl doll or a Demon Donkey)
image host
image host

I did pick up some kawaii pencils and paid in change. I felt like Arthur from the Christmas special. I didn’t pay with that much change. Only like $2.
image host
image host
(screen caps from an old KCET broadcast of it with the Captain Infinity watermark)

They have a Build a Bear in the mall now. One thing I don’t need more stuffed animals. They also redid the facade of the Disney Store they got rid of the Mickey and friends statues playing the piano.

Then I thought “I iz socializing. This is what people do? Listening to some lady tell me about broken down buses and gift cards?”

On the bus ride home there was this guy on the bus who reminded me of that loud guy from my drama class. It wasn’t him I think but the way he sort of looked like him and his mannerisms.

It could be a lame claim to fame.