I miss Cyclops. No, not that guy.
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So I finally got a smartphone! XD

I still have the same carrier. Virgin Mobile. Luckily at the store the guy set up the phone for me.  It’s a bitch to set up those phones and they take a long time. I was telling him that my first fancy phone was a Cyclops and it had 4g internet. I do miss my Cyclops phone. Then when it broke because I fell on the sidewalk I had to get that cheap flip phone that did practically nothing. He said he remembered them. Either that or he was humoring me. :/ I’m not sure.

My dad was asking something about smartphones and how it can controll a tv or something. The sales guy asked what kind of phone I have. I’m like; “I don’t know this one”. Then I show him the phone. I had literally just bought it in another section of the store. I have no idea what I’m doing so I don’t really know what it does yet. I kept trying to sign into gmail.

Plus I keep getting suspicious activity alerts while I’m trying to link my accounts to the phone.

I manged to download a few apps, but that is it. I still haven’t out Pokemon Go yet. XoX