Today was my final and I had to get up early to get there at 7:30 AM.

I was afraid my phone was going to go off in class or something especially since I don’t really know how to use it, and most of the class knew I had a flip phone. I had planned to watch some videos on the bus for inspiration. My dad gave me a ride to school. He was worried that nobody would be there. Since he gave me a ride I did not have time to watch the videos on the bus.

I was just happy there were no soda soaked bell bottoms or soda spilled in my backpack. There was no costume wearing at all. I didn’t need to be the characters like in my theater final. No complete and utter memorization. I was worried I was not feeling it. Did I need to feel it?

When I got there a few people from class were already there waiting for the teacher to come. I spent the time before class writing and not studying my script. I didn’t want to drink too much soda, but I don’t need to fear soda. I just wanted to know if we were going to get our grades early. Before we left and not checking into the school website to read them. Somebody came to class in slippers I mean they were really slippers not those boot kind. People don’t dress up for finals like in high school. Such is college life.

The group that got the script my group wrote wanted to perform first. They were the only group who had all their members present at the beginning of class. It was funny to see it performed. Especially the part I wrote. My group went third. When I was up there. I did my very best Chief (from World) and Lida impersonations. Lida was a character from the MADtv skits called “Dishing the Dirt”. I didn’t even really study the script. During that week I was goofing off looking for shopkins, going to the mall, and trying to work my smart phone. Once I figured out how to watch youtube videos on the phone I watched part of The Pied Pirates of Petra over the weekend. I was just happy I didn’t burp during the presentation.

Then I was thinking we ended with 12-16 people in the class and I don’t remember most of their names when I was in there. I think like only 8 people not including the teacher.

I got an “A”! ^-^ Let’s just say I haven’t seen one of those on my transcript in a long time. It seemed destined for me to take that class. Everything seemed to fall into place. The cheap book and the fluke things I did and got a good grade on. And all the hard work I put into it.

If my calculations are correct I think I only have 2-3 communications classes left and that dreaded math class. :/

When I was riding the bus home the bus was breaking down on the ride back. The 2nd one in a week. And they were for 2 different routes.

Maybe I should celebrate with some Alice Cooper?

I’m retiring my Hello Kitty backpack. It served me for a good 2 years.

I was thinking about this video I watched a little while ago. I like her craft videos but they seem really labor intensive.