You want to see some loot right? I finally opened up those ornament Shopkins. They were really hard to open.

I got a double of one character this gold ball guy. I got another one of the same character, but in a different color scheme. I got two of the present character, but they are different color schemes.

(forgot to take pics, but I’ll add them later)

I really wanted a wreath character. I don’t know their names they didn’t come with a pamphlet or anything. What if there were adult themed Shopkins? And they had very strange names I guess parents wouldn’t be too cool with a character named Connie Condom. Or there could be an adult knockoff brand.


All the Shopkins things I bought for myself. I got myself self something for my secret hobby. I haven’t been working on it much. That diction grade was nothing to sneeze at. Since I worked hard in my class it was a worthy payoff. I regret nothing in that sense.

And some rum. I like that I can get alcohol as a present now.

I watched Beauty and the Beast on tv. I remember when the movie came out, and Ariel was considered old news. I was upset. I love Ariel! She is my favorite Disney princess ever! Even today. I had a bunch of merchandise from the movie (lunchbox, clothes, a knockoff tile from the church fiesta, sticker book, stickers, dolls, puppets, pesto magix, the video, coloring books, reading books, meal toys, party supplies, and probably a bunch of other things I forget. ), and I tried really hard to like her. But she is no Ariel. I have nothing against Belle though. I don’t hate her or anything like that. I’m not too cool with Ariel’s Saturday Morning cartoon. Belle got it even worse with her live action Sing me a Story show. Does anybody even remember that? That series is considered partially lost. But then we moved onto Jasmine pretty quickly. And by the time the next Disney Princess movie came out I was too old for princesses back then.

Here is a picture of our tree. It was a little hard to photograph. i think my mom did a pretty good job decorating it with things we found around the house and the few boxes of ornaments we did find. The Shopkins are removed from the tree in the picture.