The year 2016 has to be by far one of the worst years in human history, and it’s true because most everybody agrees with me. Don’t go against the grain, and thinking for yourself is bad so why fight it?

Don’t even get me started with the election thinking about it is making me physically ill.

And all those wonderful celebrities we lost. Sometimes you need hero worship and celebrities in your life. And sometimes that is all you have. I wish people understood that better and were not so callus about it. You need things like this at this time. Sorry you heartless fools.

So I imagine myself beating up old man 2016 and giving him a kick in the balls.

So seriously FUCK OFF 2016! I can’t wait for you to die!
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If I had the chance I’d slaughter baby new year 2017 right now, and put that baby out of it’s misery.