I started thinking about myself. And my personal year. I guess it can’t be all bad. I did find my real talent. So I’m very happy, satisfied, relived about that. I really thought I was not good at anything. It took me that long. Well best to know now than to never know at all. And I was plugging away at finishing up school.

With all the celebrity deaths I genuinely fear for all my favorites. Then I started to think it there is a year to celebrity death ratio per year? I tried to find that but nobody bothered to calculate that. Really? You’d think somebody would.

There is like nothing good on this year for new years eve programming. Seacrest’s and Pitbull’s shows *yawn!* Maybe I’ll just watch the Red and White festival from Japan.

And don’t forget that the Rose Parade will be on the 2nd this year because New Years Day falls on a Sunday. But the Rose Bowl game is still being held on the 1st.