Bag It — December 8, 2016

Bag It

I got a got deal on this backpack. I like it because it’s generic design. not like something like Disney Princess, Hello Kitty or Pokémon. It sort of reminds me of a knockoff Lisa Frank design. And it came with all this stuff. It says 5 items but 1 item is blocked by the sign that says “5 piece”. It needs to be Scotchguarded.
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I got some more Shopkins balls and some light blue duck tape. One of the balls was open, but the 2 toys were still inside. I checked. The lady only gave me 5% off but still.

I found some blue ducktape it wasn’t the exact shade of blue but I guess it will do. It was $2 less than I would have paid at the craft store.

Playing Hookie with the Shopkins — December 7, 2016

Playing Hookie with the Shopkins

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I was supposed to go to school today. “Supposed” because I was going to meet with my group members somewhere to practice our lines. They could not agree on anything on Monday or if they did I didn’t hear it. They have my email so if they wanted they could send me an email about what to do and where to go. I was feeling generous. I gave them until 1:30AM on Tuesday. I can’t be doing things last minute on the bus. I don’t drive a car. I didn’t really wanna go to class anyway. I still feel really sick and I have been to every single class session before that. I deserve and can “cash in” one absence. Even before he said he wasn’t going to take roll on Wednesday.

No cool Ferris Bueller-esque antics. I did boring stuff; I watched Let’s Make a Deal (Wayne version), went to the Target, and got some pizza.

There is like no colored or fun print duck tape. It all got replaced with washi tape! >o< I guess I’ll have to pay like $6 at the craft store for it.

After I saw these in the Myfroggystuff video. I really wanted the Christmas ball Shopkins. I mean you could see what was inside. I know I’m trying to cut down on the clutter.

Then the lady working there charged me the wrong price for them (cheaper). So that was good. And I seem to have good luck with buying Shopkins at Target remember when I got that discount on those open ones?

I was also looking for a cute backpack, but I didn’t find anything I really liked.

(I checked my email there was nothing from them)

Full Court (with bonus blogs thrown in) — December 5, 2016

Full Court (with bonus blogs thrown in)

I had planned to blog over the weekend, but then I got sick. And I really would not have cared except I have a class I have to use my voice for. I hate getting sick too. Not during the neopets advent! >o< I don’t care how sick I am I will stay up late to get my advent prize.

Those hobbyists are really ticking me off. They are nothing but spaghetti people looking for the next big money maker. I mean they throw spaghetti at a wall and see what sticks to be the next big thing. They also gotta stop bitching about politics. If you’re gonna bitch about politics then either change your blog or make a new one. I don’t want to have to sift through all your bitching about the incumbent president for one little sliver of really crappy advice. It’s not even worth reading. And what can you really do? Aside from some sort of planned assassination, leaving the country, or mass suicide. Those are the only things I can think of. Is bitching about him becoming president really gonna change anything? Also you people need to learn about electoral college. How it works, why it was put into place, and what happens when a president cannot be decided on.

This entry was going to be called “Relative Junk”

I was thinking about all the junk I’ve accumulated. When I get older I can send a bunch of old crap to my future relatives; Wisconsin, Cinnamon, and Myrtle. Those sound like good futuristic baby names. Just like my relatives did/do to me. I love getting old broken Christmas decorations. Then you see that piece of junk Great Aunt Laura gave you just sitting there taking up space in your house or storage space. You find yourself questioning why did I save this? It has no sentimental value to me.

I’ve also stopped caring about donating complete things. Like board games. Pretty much anything you find at a thrift store is incomplete anyway. The people who sort those things can’t tell a Barbie doll from a Magna Doodle. I know I saw them. Why should I bother? They won’t notice. You always see that on the collecting boards. “I found an incomplete copy of (Board game x)”

So our script theme was a boy band. I just went along with it. They told me what to write and I essentially did it. I didn’t want to argue to make another theme, and seem disagreeable. I don’t know much about boy bands besides what I had learned from watching tv shows that were mostly parodying them. Like I’ve mentioned before I didn’t spend a lot of time in my youth listening to boy bands. Unless Boyz II Men count. I listened to a lot of Rockapella for inspiration. Actually I remembered something I read on Sean’s site about the members having different stage personas. I also used my knowledge from the South Park episode “Something You Can do With Your Finger“.

Over the weekend I had been having problems trying to write this script. Mostly formatting problems than anything. Not to sound braggy or arrogant, but I think story-wise it was pretty good. After I realized that what I formatted was more like a play, and they wanted it formatted like a screenplay. I stayed up for a half hour just formatting it.

It was like that Arthur cartoon Team Trouble when they all make comics about Ancient Rome and argue about it.

We were supposed to email each other the scripts and have each other read over them over the weekend. I had been waiting all weekend for an email but nuthin! 😦 I even checked today at 7:30AM and still no mail. 😦

Before I left for class I thought “well I’m bringing to class what I wrote and if it is bad or they don’t like it that is their problem. We are also getting graded on this individually anyway.”

I ended up sitting next to Pokemon Enthusiast guy on the bus. But he didn’t sit next to me for long. I was really sick, and coughing so it kept people away in a good way. I heard a song on the ride to school, and got nostalgic for 1998. Then I thought 1998 kinda sucked. I don’t wanna go back there.

In class the teacher told me that I’ve done every assignment and that by his calculations I should have an “A” in the class. Wow! An “A” I haven’t seen one of those in a while on my transcript. And I worked really hard. If I get an “A” that could really boost my GPA. My calculations matched up with his. Provided I don’t fail the final.

I can’t believe some of the group members got so picky about formatting and they didn’t even format theirs. And they were on my case about formatting!? Nobody in my group knew that I based one of the characters in my script off Dan from Night Court. Do they even know what Night Court is?

Reading the other group’s scripts were interesting. :/ Somebody in the other group made a reference to the show Full House in their script. The 3 other people in my group had no idea what that was. Really? I thought that show was super popular even with younger people like the Golden Girls along with Fresh Prince and Family Matters. When I read that Full House reference I couldn’t stop laughing. Since I was the only person familiar with the show I had to tell them how to read the line since it wasn’t mine.

We get along although I might look like a teacher’s pet to the others since I get there early (because of the bus) and that I’m serious about finishing up my communications degree. It depends on how people get along. Although sometimes some professors are jerks. And they are very flighty and rude and like to make up rules and assignments on the fly. A person like that might have had it coming for them. I don’t know the whole situation between those 2 professors who were killed and what the student was experiencing. Sometimes they just really go off the track. Like that math teacher who would not stop talking about politics. I feel that kind of stuff just doesn’t really belong in that type of class. He was talking about those people who died in that warehouse fire. I personally lead a very boring life. I get excited when the store restocks my favorite kind of jerky, the McRib comes back, or I get an email from my pen pal. Like I said boring…mundane.

The most important thing I needed to know when I left was if the teacher had a copy of my script.

When I showed the Full House part of the script to my mom she said it was confusing and funny.

I think I have a few characters I can study for the strange voices they gave me for the scripts they wrote.