I was thinking about the song “Cake for Breakfast”. I wondered what would I do if Greg Lee did offer me cake for breakfast for some strange reason. I would most likely not turn it down. Although I would have to question the fact why Greg is offering me cake for breakfast in the first place.

And when you wake up you don’t feel it or at least I didn’t. It takes a month or so to let it sink in. Especially when I’m at school since the people there are so much younger than me.

Speaking of novelty songs I got out my old Aquabats tapes which sound pretty horrible dude to age. I must have had those tapes for about 20 years now. I think I should get those albums in a different format. They are “The Return of the Aquabats” and “The Fury of the Aquabats”.

I went out to eat the teriyaki chicken was gross it was worse than cafeteria teriyaki chicken so you know it is bad. It was funny listening to some kids being scolded by their mom for not wanting to eat vegetables. No bananas in syrup this time. ūüė¶ Well at least he didn’t do his high school shtick, so that was relief.

I think my dad doesn’t like that Out of this World Carmen Sandiego CD I have. He’s always making excuses to turn it down real low in the car. Then why is it ok to blast “my favorite” band Jane’s Addiction? I think he thinks I’m a big Primus fan too only cause my ultra cool cousin likes them.

No super spectacular presents this year. The thing I really wanted was more phone time. That new phone really eats it up, and well I think I watched too many videos on the phone.