This all started back around the 2012 election my facebook feed was crazy and really annoying. I tried everything installing apps and a bunch of other stuff. Nothing seemed to work, and political rants were clogging up my feed. Facebook didn’t seem so bad during non-election years. I knew 2016 was going to be a shitstorm of an election so I decided to lay off facebook like in September. Then I came back in December. I realized I didn’t miss it. Once I stalled out on Cookie Jam I realized how boring it is. Honestly I really have no use for it. Even more since I got a smart phone. I don’t need to use facebook as a gaming platform. The only reason I truly keep it now is to use it to enter contests and things.

I was thinking about Kirby and the episode “Un-Reality TV” where DeDeDe make it look like Cappy town is being attacked, but it is really just him staging things. It’s funny when you realize your life is like a Kirby cartoon.