So I went to a job interview this morning. It was ok I guess. The guy who was there before me they were raving about because he was ready to come in anytime and he could not stop smiling. (I should have thought about this song)

I lied and said I don’t go to school. Like I care about school? I want them to know I don’t go to school, and that I’m available at anytime. I mean if I did get hired I’d totally quit school in a heartbeat. The only reason I go to school is because I can’t find work. They said if I do hear something it will be in 2 days.

I was worried during the interview I thought they were going to make me do weird things or answer weird questions. Like that time I went to a job interview and for some strange reason they made me convert time in time zones, and then name a bunch of items off their menu. I just answered relevant questions for this interview. I made sure to study this time. ^-^

Plus I’ve been having problems with KCBS TV. We noticed the problem on Saturday when my dad wanted to watch football and we could not get any signal after fighting with the antenna for a while. Since he is stressed out about the garage he blamed it on my mom and me (no surprise). We barely get the channel in my parent’s bedroom. If we breathe on the antenna the channel goes away.

I’ve been having problems trying to get their channel since the 1st week of January. I mean I know there reception is a little iffy where I live, but it was total shit reception or the channel could not be received for hours at a time. I would not be so enraged if they had at least put a message on any of the online stuff. Facebook, twitter, their website, etc. Anything! But no! You know what their suggestion is to sign up for CBS-ALL Access. Seriously you want me to pay for a free tv channel!? FUCK THAT SHIT! This is the blanket statement they are giving.

“We apologize you are having trouble receiving the KCBS signal. Currently there is an issue at our transmitter and we are working to correct the problem but weather has been hampering our efforts.

If you are unable to get our signal after adjusting your antenna another option is to go to and you can sign up for a free 7-day trial of CBS All Access which allows you to watch ‘Live TV’ (KCBS).”

I know UTB was low budget and didn’t work a lot of the time, but at least they let viewers know on their website when they did have problems.

While I was sniffing around trying to find out about KCBS TV I found this. Is this some kind of joke? I mean it looks homemade or something. Plus the launch date for this channel keeps getting moved up.