The title was taken from that Aquabats’ song.

“nothing hurts worse, than being nothing”

Apparently I don’t exist! According to Covered California I don’t exist and can’t sign up or healthcare. But wait how did I do all those other things like apply for welfare, end up in job club (I mean hell), have healthcare before, apply for college and all those other things?

I tried to apply for healthcare, but nobody can seem to help.

No, really everybody gave me the runaround all morning. They can’t tell me who to call and gave me a bunch of dead numbers. I think I am going to need mental help after trying to apply. Then I got sassed by some street level bureaucrat over the phone. I wish it was like a cartoon and I could have punched that lady over the phone. She was so mad I got that number.

I know it’s like that Night Court episode I saw with a young pre-Seinfeld Micheal Richards in it. He plays a litigant who thinks he’s invisible and he tries to rob somebody, but he is “seen”. Later in the episode he thinks people can only see him because he is wearing clothes.

Of course people can only see me because I’m wearing clothes!