People love garbage, no I’m not talking about that awesome band fronted by Shirley Manson.

No, I mean garbage writing. It seems people love garbage writing. Not the kind of garbage writing where you write through it. Or practice writing. I’ll just shit out a book like everybody else does. Then I’ll get all mad and butthurt when people don’t like my garbage published book. Then send people messages on amazon and on facebook bothering people who wrote bad reviews of the book. If they can do it then so can I. So on with the garbage! The only thing stopping me now is the money. I could plunk down a few hundred bucks and publish my own hot steaming pile of garbage. In both formats print and e-book. I can have the ultimate author brag “I’m a published writer”.

How much should I charge for it though? I’m thinking anywhere between 99¢ and $50.