This is a continuation of this old LJ entry.

That entry ended at 5PM.

2 KCBS News
4 KNBC News
5 KTLA 7th Heaven
7 KABC News
9 KCAL The Real World
11 KTTV Moesha
13 KCOP Ricki Lake
18 KSCI May Ngan News
22 KWHY La Corte Familiar
28 KCET World News
30 KPXN The Cosby Show
34 KMEX Primer Impacto
40 KTBN Behind the Scenes
50 KOCE Universe: The Infinite Frontier
52 KVEA Ocurriò Asì
56 KDOC A-Team
62 KRCA Noticias

5:30 PM
9 KCAL Pro Basketball- Lakers at Rockets
11 KTTV Home Improvement
18 KSCI International Report
28 KCET Nightly Business Report
30 KPXN The Cosby Show
40 KTBN Hal Lindsey
50 KOCE Universe: The Infinite Frontier
58 KLCS Between the Lions Fuzzy Wuzzy (R)

2 KCBS News
4 KNBC News
5 KTLA Sabrina the Teenage Witch
7 KABC News
11 KTTV 3rd Rock From the Sun
13 KCOP Blind Date
18 KSCI World Report
22 KWHY Cuanto Cuesta el Show
28 KCET The NewsHour with Jim Leher
30 KPXN Supermarket Sweep
34 KMEX Noticias
40 KTBN Bishop Jakes
50 KOCE BBC World News
52 KVEA Noticiero
56 KDOC 21 Jump Street
58 KLCS Clifford the Big Red Dog (R)

5 KTLA Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
11 KTTV The Simpsons
13 KCOP Frasier
18 KSCI Mandarin Drama
30 KPXN Shop ‘Til You Drop
34 KMEX Noticiero Univision
40 KTBN Benny Hinn
50 KOCE Nightly Business Report
52 KVEA Noticiero Telemundo
57 KJLA Hollywood Treasures
58 KLCS California’s Gold
62 KRCA Little Saigon News

2 KCBS Entertainment Tonight
5 KTLA Friends
7 KABC Jeopardy!
11 KTTV The Drew Carey Show
13 KCOP Spin City
18 KSCI Mandarin Drama
22 KWHY Noticias
28 KCET Life & Times Tonight
30 KPXN News
34 KMEX Locura de Amor
40 KTBN Praise the Lord
50 KOCE Real Orange
52 KVEA Estrellita
56 KDOC Matlock
58 KLCS In Focus
62 KRCA ACTV/Variety

From 7:30-11:30PM the shows are listed in a grid.
7:30PMHollywood Squares
8PM A Home for the Holidays – Celebrities raise awareness about adoption by sharing stores.
9PM City of Angels – Gang members hold doctors and patients hostage.
10PM 48 Hours – Stories of forgiveness.
11PM News
11:30PM Late Show – Juliette Binoche (11:35)

7:30PM Access Hollywood
8PM Friends – Elizabeth’s father (Bruce Willis) threatens to get Ross. (R)
8:30PM The Weber Show – Jack reveals a childhood accident. (R)
9PM Will & Grace – Jack challenges unemployed Will to join his staff. (R)
9:30 PM Just Shoot Me – Kelsey Grammer narrates Finch’s tale of revenge. (R)
10PM ER – On Christmas Eve, Lucy tries to help a woman n desperate need of a heart transplant. (R)
11PM News
11:30 Tonight Show – Cate Blanchett; William H. Macy; music by Seal. (11:35)

WB 5
7:30PM Seinfeld – Jerry woos an ex-girlfriend’s friend.
8PM Gilmore Girls – Lorelai’s father collapses at the family Christmas party. (part 2 of 2)
9PM Charmed – Piper tries to plan her wedding in secrecy; a sorcerer’s curse keeps apart young lovers. (R)
10PM News
11PM Friends – Ross’ unidentified skin abnormality.
11:30PM Suddenly Susan – Jack, Susan and Nana skydive.

7:30PM Wheel of Fortune
8PM Whose Line is it Anyway? – “Weird Newscasters”; “Whose Line.” (R)
8:30PM Whose Line is it Anyway? – Wedding at a nudist colony; “Props”. (R)
9PM Who Wants to Be a Millionaire –College edition.
10PM Prime Time Thursday
11PM News
11:30PM Nightline (11:35)

7:30PM Basketball (5:30)
8PM News
9PM News
10PM News
10:30PM Sports News (10:45)
11PM Jerry Springer

7:30PM The Simpsons
8PM MOVIE [there are supposed to be 3 checkmarks here] “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” (1992) Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern. Once again left behind by his family, the boy her lands in Manhattan and battles two burglars he’s faced before. (PG)
10PM News
11PM The Drew Carey Show
11:30PM Married… – At Christmas Al envisions life without him.

UPN 13
7:30PM Arrest and Trial
8PM WWF Smackdown -World Wrestling Federation. Michael Cole Jerry (the King) Lawler at ringside.
10PM News
11PM Blind Date
11:30PM Arrest and Trial

7:30PM Mandarin (7)
8PM KTE Guide
8:30PM KTE Program
9PM KBS News
9:30 PM H’lthful Livng
10PM News (10:15)
11PM Koran Report
11:30PM Sports Japan

7:30PM Tribunal, Pueblo
8PM CINE “Ranger: La Última Misión” Mario Almada, Jorge Reynoso.
10PM Noticias
10:30PM Hecho de Noche
11PM Prog. Comprado
11:30PM Prog. Comprado

7:30PM The Best of Huell Howser
8PM Merry Christmas, George Bailey – a radio version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Bill Pullman, Martin Landeau, Sally Field, Nathan Lane (pictured), Charles Durning.
9PM Mystery! – A Certain Justice. Dalgliesh (Roy Marsden) investigates the grisly stabbing of a defense attorney. (part 1 of 3)
10PM Moral Imagination, With Joseph Telushkin – The rabbi teaches about leading a respectable, kind and truthful life in a morally complex world.
11PM Charlie Rose – U.S. Ambassador to France Felix Rohatyn.

PAX 30
7:30PM Supermkt. Sweep
8PM It’s a Miracle
9PM Diagnosis Murder – A Blast From the Past.
10PM Touched by an Angel – Fool for Love
11PM It’s a Miracle
11:30PM News

UNI 34
7:30PM Locura de Amor (7)
8PM Mujeres Engañadas
10PM El Gran Blablazo
11PM Noticias
11:30PM Noticiero

7:30PM Praise the Lord (7)
9PM Religious Special
10PM Wlikersons
10:30PM Benny Hinn
11PM Hal Lindsey
11:30PM Virtual Memory

7:30PM Dickens Xmas
8PM The Joffery Nutcracker – Narrator Liesel Matthews
9PM Once Upon a Sleigh Ride – Narrator Dick Cavett
10PM European Journal
10:30PM Real Orange
11PM BBC World News
11:30PM At Home on the Range… Deranged!

7:30PM Estrellita
8PM Betty la Fea
9PM ¿Por Qué Diablos?
10PM Terranostra
11PM Noticiero
11:30PM Laura, América

7:30PM Matlock
8PM Hawaii Five-O
9PM Hollywood Park
9:30 PM Paid Program
10PM Perry Mason
11PM Hour of Healing

7:30PM Hollywood (6:30)
8PM Santana en Vivo – (Call-in)
9PM Frequency One
9:30 PM Influx
10PM Pura Pachanga
11PM Paid Program
11:30PM Paid Program

7:30PM World News
8PM Career Adv’tage
8:30PM Teen Perspective
9PM Standard
9:30 PM In the Mix
10PM Amazing World
10:30PM Legends of Air
11PM A Parliament of Minds
11:30PM Power of Ideas

7:30PM News/Variety (7)
8PM Panda TV
8:30PM Paid Program
9PM K.T.A.N. Variety – (Korean)
11PM News
11:30PM Paid Program

5 KTLA Street Smarts
7 KABC Politically Incorrect
9 KCAL Change of Heart
11 KTTV Living Single
13 KCOP Star Trek: Voyager
28 KCET Life & Times Tonight
34 KMEX Viviana a la Medianoche
40 KTBN Praise the Lord
50 KOCE Ethics in America
58 KLCS Crafts for Kids

2 KCBS Craig Kilborn (12:35)
4 KNBC Conan O’Brien (12:35)
5 KTLA Caroline in the City
7 KABC Oprah Winfrey Children’s sports. (12:40)
9 KCAL National Enquirer’s Uncovered
11 KTTV 3rd Rock From the Sun
28 KCET Eyewitness
52 KVEA A Oscuras Pero Encendidos Conducido por Paul Bouche.
56 KDOC Hot Seat with Wally George

11 KTTV Unhappily Ever After
28 KCET Classic Arts Showcase
30 KPXN Love Has Come
34 KMEX Marimar
50 KOCE New American Schools
57 KJLA Shopping
62 KRCA Jewelry

2 KCBS News (1:35)
4 KNBC Later (1:35)
5 KTLA Tales from the Darkside
7 KABC News (1:40)
30 KPXN Worship TV
50 KOCE New American Schools
52 KVEA Ocurriò Asì

2 KCBS Dr. Laura (2:05)
4 KNBC The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (2:05)
13 KCOP “Cannonball Run II” ’84 (PG) 2hr
18 KSCI Third Sunday Lecture
34 KMEX Morelia
40 KTBN Debra Paget
50 KOCE Challenge Me!
57 KJLA Shopping

7 KABC News (2:45)
40 KTBN Alvin Slaughter
50 KOCE Science …Simply Amazing
52 KVEA Él y Ella

4 KNBC Conan O’Brien (3:05)
11 KTTV A Different World
18 KSCI Matthew
34 KMEX El Gordo y la Flaca
40 KTBN Behind the Scenes
50 KOCE New American Schools
56 KDOC Perry Mason
57 KJLA Shopping