Hey all right, Funky pie — January 8, 2017

Hey all right, Funky pie

I had to go present shopping with my dad. UGH! I know going out with him is gonna provide a lot of blog material. You gotta look at it from a writer’s perspective.

He makes the worst small talk. He uses it on everybody. It’s so horrible and desperate. And you get on my case cause I’m silent!? WTF!?

This is how it goes:

DAD: So, you from around here?


DAD: Did you go to high school around here?

SALES PERSON: Yes. (if they do answer yes)

DAD: You know where I went to high school? Cougar High. Have you heard of Cougar High?


DAD: Where’d you go to high school?


DAD: Cougar High would always play Snail High. (or something similar to this)

The sales person laughs awkwardly or something.

It’s so awful I feel embarrassed for us both!

We did see a funny bootleg Luna plush from Sailor Moon. It was the wrong color and it was not Diana or Artemis.

He wanted me to get a shirt of something. There was nothing good not even at the Hot Topic. Not even the Sailor Moon shirts. He doesn’t realize how hard it is for me to find or buy clothes. Either they are too cheap looking, don’t have my size, or they are all ugly.

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They did have some Plusheen and Bananya shirts.  But I didn’t want those.

I got a screen cover.  I’m not sure what those things are called. It’s made of like glass or something. Why are cell phones so fragile? He wanted me to get a Raiders phone case, but those were not available for my model of phone. They also had Rilakkuma cases too, but they were also not for my phone. If it was I would have totally got it.
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The girl at the cell phone booth put the screen thing on for me. I don’t know much it’s my first smart phone. If was funny when she asked why the model of phone I have is called a “stylo”. I said it’s because it has a stylus to use with the phone. Now I gotta smash the screen a little harder because of the glass.

We heard “Been Caught Stealing” on the radio. My dad thinks I like Jane’s Addiction. He is confusing me for my cousin again! >.< It made me think about how it inspired the song “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”. Although I still don’t hear what Sean Altman says “we copped the groove to the alt-rock song of the moment– Jane’s Addiction’s ‘Caught Stealing'”. Maybe it’s because I heard the song “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” first. I think I didn’t hear “Been Caught Stealing” until like ’96? I didn’t start to listen to alternative until about ’96. I’d rather hear the vocal stylings of Sean Altman than Perry Farrell. The only song that I like that he sings is “Tahitian Moon”. I didn’t even know that was the same person from Jane’s Addiction until somebody told me.

I Need to Vomit — January 7, 2017

I Need to Vomit

Don’t worry I’m not sick or anything like that. I’m talking about word vomit or writing a lot of stuff.

I usually write about 200-300 words a day maybe 500 if I’m lucky. It’s not that I can’t write or anything like that. I usually write 5-7 days a week. Give or take. I should be vomiting 1000, no 3000, no 5000, 10,000 words a day!

It sort of reminds me of when I used to belong to this message board and if you posted a certain number of posts you could get special avatars. (you were not allowed to use your own) It was aimed at children so there were all these horrible spam posts like “never heard of it” and “i agre”.

Then I feel somewhat discouraged. According to what I read about writing I’m a highly unconventional writer. I mean my methods. I don’t sit at a computer for 3 hours and churn out 5000 words. It took me about 2 weeks to write about 3000 words. I don’t usually focus on word count and I am a discovery writer.

To me it seems like writers love to churn out or vomit words. This is what they thrive on this is what they live for aside from being published.


Havin’ a Ball with the Shopkins — January 4, 2017

Havin’ a Ball with the Shopkins

Here are my Christmas Shopkins.

I got doubles of the ornament character and the present character. But they are repaints.

Here are the other characters I got. A wrapped candy, a tree and a hat.

Too bad they didn’t come with any list or anything to tell me who they are.

I kept the double of the ornament in the bag. If anybody wants to trade with me it is the gold ornament from the Christmas ball blind bag Shopkins.

I don’t have any season 5 Shopkins.

Let it Slide the first Time — January 3, 2017

Let it Slide the first Time

I was supposed to post this yesterday.

During the Rose Parade there was no real float that stood out for me this year. One of the floats looked like it was a knockoff of Angry Birds characters. Some years it just seems like the floats were like floats from other years with just minor changes. It will take some adjusting to the new commentators. I’m letting it slide since it’s their first one. The random yet somehow trying to be related to the banter footage was really throwing me off. The banter seemed the same even with different people reading it. There are certain phrases I wait for to hear when I watch it. I’ve been watching it for so long.

CBS doesn’t broadcast the parade anymore how long have they not been doing that? I tried to look that up online, but I could not find any info on it. You’d think somebody would have documented it or something?

On a side note I want to know what problem KTLA has with the series Wings? Why do they keep preempting it with a repeat of their old 6PM news? I wanna watch it! I don’t care about old 6PM news! >.<

Old Timey 90s New Years Shows — January 1, 2017

Old Timey 90s New Years Shows

I miss those old timey New Years shows like from the 90s the 1990s. I didn’t even watch anything from 2016 gong into 2017. Noting really did it for me. When did CBS stop doing New Years shows? I think I haven seen one it at least 10 years.

The Rose Parade is on the 2nd I made a mistake the Rose Bowl game is on the 2nd also.

I was watching a few old shows online then internet decides to cut off. What a way to bring in the new year Frontier internet!

I’m obsessed with the game Sailor Drops. There is a Princess Snow Kaguya saga game in Sailor Drops I’ve been spending a lot of time playing that. That’s based off the plot from the Sailor Moon S movie. Which is the only Sailor Moon movie I own the sub of. You know how much I love the R movie, but I like the S movie only because I have a sub copy on VHS. LOL! XD Now I want some sugar stars.
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