Sailor Soda Pants — February 27, 2017

Sailor Soda Pants

The title makes reference to this entry.

Everything went wrong the first day! >o< No, really it did.

I woke up way too early. I was compulsively checking my email to see if there was anything posted in the morning to see if they were a jerk ass prof. Because telling me to read a chapter in a book 3 hours before class can be a jerk ass move. I wasn’t that hungry either I’m not sure if it was nerves or something else. I really had to force myself to eat breakfast. I was going to pack a lunch, but it didn’t fit in the backpack. I might have packed too much stuff, but only because I was not sure what to pack. I’m having a hard time configuring this new backpack.

I left about 90 minutes too early. I was falling asleep in the bus. I should have downed a caffeinated soda before I left.

I’m having a lot of problems with this new backpack. The straps feel strange. They are wider and feel like they are all up in my armpits.

I had to wait somewhere from 20-30 minutes for a bus pass.The people in line seemed whiny and fidgety. More than usual for this place. When I go to get it I get told I have the wrong one again. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me! Maybe there is something wrong with my student ID? Right after I get the bus pass it starts to rain.

I couldn’t find the room because I accidentally read the paper backwards and saw “41” instead of “14”. The backpack was so heavy my shoulders were starting to hurt. It was a throwback to jr. high and high school with the heavy ass backpacks. I did eventually find the class.

I accidentally ignored somebody, and I got mistaken for a man. O-o by them. In my defense I was playing Sailor Moon Drops. I was in the Sailor Moon Drops zone. A lot could probably be going on around me and I’d never notice while playing that game.

A little while after that confusing encounter this girl comes by with this cute huge metal Cinnamonroll bucket.
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She comes and sits next to me. She had a stinky lunch including a hard boiled egg. Her lunch was warm I’m not sure how she kept it warm though. It was steaming. I was still feeling nauseous, but it wasn’t because of the stinky lunch. I tried to eat some gummi bears to eat something.

When it was time to go to class I was waiting by the door. I was in professor hunt mode. I needed to see what they looked like. Usually the older ones are a little more out there. I mean old like around my parents age late 50s to mid 60s. I know it’s bad to be ageist like that. And well a professor dresses like a professor usually. They stand out among the sea of hoodies and jeans that the students usually wear.

I tried to sit in the front of the room to hide that I need glasses.

He asks somebody sitting in front of me to introduce themself. My ears perk up. I totally know that voice! That’s my old scene partner. I just didn’t want her to be all chummy with me. I don’t hate her or anything. She’s more extroverted. Maybe I didn’t notice her when everybody was crowded around the door plus it was raining at the time. Or I didn’t recognize her because she was wearing a hat. Didn’t she wear a hat before?

Then he asks me to introduce myself. Why do I always get picked for these type of things? Then I always think it’s somebody else.He liked to hear that I’m a communications major. They like to find their own kind. You know other communications people.

He said we have to do group work, but we can fire people if they don’t pull their weight. I know she might see me as a slacker but I was out of my element and she was in hers. Well at least that annoying guy is not in there yelling random comments every time something else pops into his head. So that puts me a little more at ease. Maybe she didn’t recognize me. I’ve moved on from eating licorice to gummi bears.

He said the portal was broken so we could not print out our syllabus. It really was broken I thought it was just me. I thought it was broken all weekend. He tells us we have to print out our own stuff. Ok so now the 2nd person.

He talked to me about the book I bought. Since I was the only person who had a copy on me. He said I could use it and I do not have to buy another different copy.

Too bad he gave us a short 7 minute break. I needed to do a lot of stuff. Like go to the toilet, but I never got the chance. I had to hold it for the rest of class. I ate the rest of my gummi bears.

We had to do this speed dating activity. When we did I thought about Shawn, Gus, Lassie and Juliet when they all investigate speed dating in the Psych episode “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He’s Dead”. By then I was so hungry I could have went for some “Blarney Stone fajitas” and that ugly green popcorn they have in the episode.

I met somebody who likes Monster High, and another person who didn’t like coffee. People love to hear about me being an only child. I still don’t get why that is a novelty. I still think multiple birth people are like twins. I don’t like doing these things because I get really sweaty and nervous when I have to meet other people. I could feel myself getting sweaty and flustered.

We had this assignment about saving people on a life boat, but they all have unredeeming qualities. I used my inner Harry Stone to get the assignment done. I had a silly thought “Night Court is on right now.” I remember I had a similar assignment way back when I was a freshman at CSUF, but it was something about surviving on the moon. It’s one of those devil’s advocate thinking backwards assignments. I did poorly because I used Earth reasoning. I felt so STUPID!

The worse part was he kept us in there the whole 3 hours. X0X @0@ So that really sucked. I’m not sure how i feel about him. He is weird even weirder than my old speech teacher. But I’m not sure how to react to that yet. I had no idea when the bus was coming. The website for the bus froze on my phone. It was just the bus company’s website and not any others, so I knew it was not my phone. Now I’ll have to get some printouts. Sometimes old school stuff is better. The bus was so crowded. I hope it will thin out within a month or so which would be 3-4 classes on my schedule.

I came back home tired and in pain.

If I could describe myself in one word regarding my secret hobby it would be “floundering”. It just seems like every time I try and do something it is met with such resistance. They are all out to humiliate and criticize me. What’s the point why bother?

Nostalgic Fish — February 26, 2017

Nostalgic Fish

I remembered I forgot to pre-prepare my opening spiel for class. Usually I’m on top of these things. I’m not sure if it is apathy or distraction. I still haven’t packed or read the book! XoX

It was nice to watch UTB again in some form. I don’t remember the dialogue to the sauce and gyoza commercials as much as I used to. I could recite those word for word back when UTB had their own channel. But I did get really excited for the talking fish Hon Hamachi commercial. I do miss that one. I thought about the old annoying commercials they used to show like (which is a different website and no longer exists as jobbot) and Fairydrops mascara. One thing I also miss is that when you missed an episode you could watch it more than once because the channel repeated it. Now I have to pay more attention. Oh well there is always bootlegs.

Still a Compulsive Email Checker — February 24, 2017

Still a Compulsive Email Checker

I remembered I better check my email in case my teacher tells me I have to print a syllabus or read a certain chapter of the book. I remember when my 1st poli sci teacher said printing out your own syllabus from an email was “the new way of college” or some shit like that. Which is funny because so far since my time back at school since February 2015 besides her nobody else I’ve had since has said about printing your own syllabus. I think she was just using that as an excuse to be lazy. She was always making excuses about being slow and not giving printouts. She was a really sucky professor.

Honestly the more I stay in school the more and more I hate it and the more, and the more my dad gets on my ass about it. I really don’t care about it at all I’d rather get a job. At least I could pay for my phone, and that can help me get a job. My mom asked why was I looking for jobs last weekend (Feb 18 and 19) I did look the weekend before but there was nothing there I liked or was qualified for. I got an email back from the place I had to decline the interview from like 3 days later telling me to come back. To me that place seems really unorganized.

I thought I better not miss a day of class if I go through with it because if it is a one day a week class you can only miss one day out of the semester. But that means less clothing repeats.

I just finished up the 1980s Astro Boy dub. Speaking of series that aired on UTB they are going to show the 2nd season of Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out also known as Hanasaki Mai ga Damatte Inai.
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Since I finished up Astro Boy now I’m watching the sub of Smile PreCure! I haven’t gotten that far though I’ve only seen up to episode 4. They don’t even have a complete team yet.
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Egg Lunch — February 23, 2017

Egg Lunch

So I have been trying to find some good school lunches I can take from home for my 3 hour class.
The only problem is a lot of these lunches contain eggs. I don’t want to stink up my backpack with the smell of eggs. It’s a new backpack and I don’t want to stink it up.

It would be like American Girl Samantha.

Like that old Gas Huffer song “Rotten Egg”

The one good thing about having the class in the afternoon is that I can get up late and not need my morning soda.

Then you see all those cute bento(s) and think “Should I bother putting that much work into my lunch looking like that? I’m just going to eat it. What if it gets crushed in my backpack and looks like nothing? Why do I have to eat foods I don’t like to have a cute looking lunch? ”


Angry Birds


Then there are all the snack bars and mixes.

I don’t want to kill anybody with peanut butter though.

Besides trying to figure out what bring for lunch I still have not finished packing or even cracked the book. I can do that during The Oscars which I know my “I don’t care about this or like it, but I’ll watch it anyway” father will hog the television.

Yelp is Just a Racket — February 22, 2017

Yelp is Just a Racket

I have these fantasies where I just tell people off. Aside for my pleasant hanging out with celebrity dreams these are my favorites. They consist of me doing nothing more than screaming “FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. They are probably one of the most satisfying dream types I have.

After all the “bad” things I wrote on yelp I should probably have broken legs now. You know like those old timey gangster films. I imagine when people get bad reviews they are dressed like Jigen from the Lupin the 3rd anime series. Coming after me with guns, chains, and blunt objects.
image host

Years ago I wrote a bad review about a business. Then recently I get a message from this person who was all butthurt about my bad review, and pretty much told me it was ok for them to suck at their job. If my review was so bad and hurtful why didn’t it bother you when I posted it FUCKING YEARS AGO!? Why is it bothering you just now? So they cry to Yelp and get it removed.

As of now I’m officially retired from Yelp.

Happy now? You got what you wanted. Don’t you feel better about yourself?

So just keep sucking at your job may many more bad reviews come your way.

(To the butthurt employee I hope you die of an incurable disease)

The $12 Burger — February 20, 2017

The $12 Burger

I had 2 job interviews today, and then it dwindled down to one. 😦

But that was partially my fault since I could not figure out how to get from one interview to the other. But they were 5 hours apart.

The one I went to was for one of those gourmet burger places that charges $12-18 for a burger. That particular location has horrible yelp reviews since it opened in 2013. It seemed to go ok, and if I do get it I’d totally quit school for it.

I did have a fun time playing Sailor Moon Drops on the ride home. The bus ride was long and there was some annoying lady with a loud phone and yelling into it.

Which made me think they should really change the name of the 6 Dollar Burger at Carl’s Jr. to something else like the $12 or the $18 Burger.

My Dad the Audiophile — February 18, 2017

My Dad the Audiophile

My dad spent all the afternoon hooking his stereo equipment. It takes him forever and he gets all frustrated because it is the “old kind”, and it is hard to reconfigure. Since he got his radio receiver and record player in the 1970s he thinks “heavier is better”. He has a 5 CD carousel player that he has no idea how to work. It will have 3-5 CDs in it, but can only get it to play the Linkin Park CD he keeps in there. I get punished for his inability to work it. He hates tiny speakers. He thinks they don’t work because they are tiny. Let’s just say they are a lot easier to move when you are moving than those monstrosities he has. How did it take him that long to not realize that cassette players are loud due to the mechanisms playing the cassette?

He thinks I’m crazy because I like compact boom box radio things. For one reason they are easier and more compact, they are not that hard to set up, and the ones I had/have only play 1 CD at a time.

It sucks when he “tests” it. Which ends up leading to a lot of loud music. What really sucks is that his speakers are positioned in such a way that the sound flows directly into my room.

Crude Drawings — February 15, 2017

Crude Drawings

These are some drawings I drew circa 1992.

Firefly G1 My Little Pony (after all these years my pony drawing skills have not improved much), Ariel(?) with one eye, a drawing of a futuristic car (I still draw cars like this today), Ballerina Bear (from this poster), Blue My Little Pony (possibly Starflash), topless red haired mermaid, Topless pink haired mermaid, a drawing of I don’t know what, Bitsy Bear ballerina, Barbie as a princess (wearing this dress), pink haired blue finned mermaid. That green sun stamp is from the old Minnie ‘n’ Me dolls.


Here are some Lambchop drawings, but I’m not sure that other character is Hush Puppy?


Here is a drawing of some Sanrio characters I think this drawing is circa the mid 90s.

The Fairy of Sandwiches — February 14, 2017

The Fairy of Sandwiches

Today is Valentines Day I’m happy I didn’t have to go to school. You know I hate high school and community college Valentines Day cattiness. Antenna TV aired a Wings marathon. Which is great since it seems my affiliate; KTLA seems to hate the show or something. They never really show it. they preempt it for old news that is like 3 hours old. My parents mistakenly thought I said Winx. But that show is called “Winx Club” and I wish they showed a marathon of it today cause I would have totally watched it. Funny thing about Valentines Day and the Winx Club. It was Valentines Day 2005 when they launched their 4kids USA based message board.
image host

image host
That website eventually got turned into the 4kids forums. But I really wanted a big sandwich. Especially since the episode “Is That a Ten Foot Sandwich or Are you Just Glad to see Me?” aired during the marathon. That episode always makes me think of my cousin and the big sandwich tradition. Which I wrote about here.

PO Boxed —

PO Boxed

I was supposed to post this a few days ago.

My book for my class arrived on Saturday. I tried to hide it before my dad was going to inspect it and complain about how much I paid for it. According to the inflation calculator it would have cost $6.75 for this book in 1971. He also gets mad that I give out my address. If I don’t give my address how am I going to get my package? I don’t have a PO Box and neither does he. Maybe I should start reading the book in case the teacher throws me for a curve. I need to be prepared for anything. I haven’t even started packing my stuff yet.

I’d love to just microwave those last 2 semesters! Let mediocrity reign! There is something I did manage to microwave. Sailor Moon Drops levels. I one starred them. As long as I get the minimum score and pass the level it’s all good.

KCOP has some strange programing on Sunday from 1-2AM they are showing old game shows to promote Buzzr. They show Anderson Family Feud and Rafferty Card Sharks.

I’m so ready to shit out my garbage book. I’m not sure about what though. Sci fi and fantasy stories seem to saturate the market. Then be really annoying bragging about how I wrote it in 1 month and promote it non-stop.

It seems I can’t do anything right as a writer. XoX @o@ I’m not plugging in enough hours, counting all my words, I’m doing other things like sleeping, eating, playing Sailor Moon Drops and watching Card Sharks. I could be like Kramer in The Friars Club when he would only sleep for 20 minutes every 3 hours. Except people thought he was dead when he fell into a deep sleep. I could also steal a coat with a moose on it, but Jerry stole the moose coat.

I really truly suck by their standards. Perhaps I need to delete that subreddit? As I am not a real writer.

Or maybe it could be like this picture I found on pinterest. But about writing instead of making art, but it is the same concept.
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It’s as bad or worse than that horrible social skills one were all the advice seems to be improv classes, toastmasters, and comfort zone challenges. And Dale Carnegie is a god.