I was supposed to post this a few days ago.

My book for my class arrived on Saturday. I tried to hide it before my dad was going to inspect it and complain about how much I paid for it. According to the inflation calculator it would have cost $6.75 for this book in 1971. He also gets mad that I give out my address. If I don’t give my address how am I going to get my package? I don’t have a PO Box and neither does he. Maybe I should start reading the book in case the teacher throws me for a curve. I need to be prepared for anything. I haven’t even started packing my stuff yet.

I’d love to just microwave those last 2 semesters! Let mediocrity reign! There is something I did manage to microwave. Sailor Moon Drops levels. I one starred them. As long as I get the minimum score and pass the level it’s all good.

KCOP has some strange programing on Sunday from 1-2AM they are showing old game shows to promote Buzzr. They show Anderson Family Feud and Rafferty Card Sharks.

I’m so ready to shit out my garbage book. I’m not sure about what though. Sci fi and fantasy stories seem to saturate the market. Then be really annoying bragging about how I wrote it in 1 month and promote it non-stop.

It seems I can’t do anything right as a writer. XoX @o@ I’m not plugging in enough hours, counting all my words, I’m doing other things like sleeping, eating, playing Sailor Moon Drops and watching Card Sharks. I could be like Kramer in The Friars Club when he would only sleep for 20 minutes every 3 hours. Except people thought he was dead when he fell into a deep sleep. I could also steal a coat with a moose on it, but Jerry stole the moose coat.

I really truly suck by their standards. Perhaps I need to delete that subreddit? As I am not a real writer.

Or maybe it could be like this picture I found on pinterest. But about writing instead of making art, but it is the same concept.
image host

It’s as bad or worse than that horrible social skills one were all the advice seems to be improv classes, toastmasters, and comfort zone challenges. And Dale Carnegie is a god.