These are some drawings I drew circa 1992.

Firefly G1 My Little Pony (after all these years my pony drawing skills have not improved much), Ariel(?) with one eye, a drawing of a futuristic car (I still draw cars like this today), Ballerina Bear (from this poster), Blue My Little Pony (possibly Starflash), topless red haired mermaid, Topless pink haired mermaid, a drawing of I don’t know what, Bitsy Bear ballerina, Barbie as a princess (wearing this dress), pink haired blue finned mermaid. That green sun stamp is from the old Minnie ‘n’ Me dolls.


Here are some Lambchop drawings, but I’m not sure that other character is Hush Puppy?


Here is a drawing of some Sanrio characters I think this drawing is circa the mid 90s.