My dad spent all the afternoon hooking his stereo equipment. It takes him forever and he gets all frustrated because it is the “old kind”, and it is hard to reconfigure. Since he got his radio receiver and record player in the 1970s he thinks “heavier is better”. He has a 5 CD carousel player that he has no idea how to work. It will have 3-5 CDs in it, but can only get it to play the Linkin Park CD he keeps in there. I get punished for his inability to work it. He hates tiny speakers. He thinks they don’t work because they are tiny. Let’s just say they are a lot easier to move when you are moving than those monstrosities he has. How did it take him that long to not realize that cassette players are loud due to the mechanisms playing the cassette?

He thinks I’m crazy because I like compact boom box radio things. For one reason they are easier and more compact, they are not that hard to set up, and the ones I had/have only play 1 CD at a time.

It sucks when he “tests” it. Which ends up leading to a lot of loud music. What really sucks is that his speakers are positioned in such a way that the sound flows directly into my room.