So I have been trying to find some good school lunches I can take from home for my 3 hour class.
The only problem is a lot of these lunches contain eggs. I don’t want to stink up my backpack with the smell of eggs. It’s a new backpack and I don’t want to stink it up.

It would be like American Girl Samantha.

Like that old Gas Huffer song “Rotten Egg”

The one good thing about having the class in the afternoon is that I can get up late and not need my morning soda.

Then you see all those cute bento(s) and think “Should I bother putting that much work into my lunch looking like that? I’m just going to eat it. What if it gets crushed in my backpack and looks like nothing? Why do I have to eat foods I don’t like to have a cute looking lunch? ”


Angry Birds


Then there are all the snack bars and mixes.

I don’t want to kill anybody with peanut butter though.

Besides trying to figure out what bring for lunch I still have not finished packing or even cracked the book. I can do that during The Oscars which I know my “I don’t care about this or like it, but I’ll watch it anyway” father will hog the television.