I remembered I better check my email in case my teacher tells me I have to print a syllabus or read a certain chapter of the book. I remember when my 1st poli sci teacher said printing out your own syllabus from an email was “the new way of college” or some shit like that. Which is funny because so far since my time back at school since February 2015 besides her nobody else I’ve had since has said about printing your own syllabus. I think she was just using that as an excuse to be lazy. She was always making excuses about being slow and not giving printouts. She was a really sucky professor.

Honestly the more I stay in school the more and more I hate it and the more, and the more my dad gets on my ass about it. I really don’t care about it at all I’d rather get a job. At least I could pay for my phone, and that can help me get a job. My mom asked why was I looking for jobs last weekend (Feb 18 and 19) I did look the weekend before but there was nothing there I liked or was qualified for. I got an email back from the place I had to decline the interview from like 3 days later telling me to come back. To me that place seems really unorganized.

I thought I better not miss a day of class if I go through with it because if it is a one day a week class you can only miss one day out of the semester. But that means less clothing repeats.

I just finished up the 1980s Astro Boy dub. Speaking of series that aired on UTB they are going to show the 2nd season of Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out also known as Hanasaki Mai ga Damatte Inai.
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Since I finished up Astro Boy now I’m watching the sub of Smile PreCure! I haven’t gotten that far though I’ve only seen up to episode 4. They don’t even have a complete team yet.
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