I remembered I forgot to pre-prepare my opening spiel for class. Usually I’m on top of these things. I’m not sure if it is apathy or distraction. I still haven’t packed or read the book! XoX

It was nice to watch UTB again in some form. I don’t remember the dialogue to the sauce and gyoza commercials as much as I used to. I could recite those word for word back when UTB had their own channel. But I did get really excited for the talking fish Hon Hamachi commercial. I do miss that one. I thought about the old annoying commercials they used to show like jobbot.com (which is a different website and no longer exists as jobbot) and Fairydrops mascara. One thing I also miss is that when you missed an episode you could watch it more than once because the channel repeated it. Now I have to pay more attention. Oh well there is always bootlegs.