Phone Lesson — February 9, 2017

Phone Lesson

Ok so I paid my fees and I’m back in school for one day week which suck because it’s a 3 hour class. But it’s a class a need for my major and the only one available this semester. I did manage to find a book for about $40 including shipping. So I think I saved myself about $160 which can be used towards phone cards.

I did learn an important lesson while playing on my phone. I almost missed my bus stop going home while playing Sailor Moon Drops.

Goodbye Mr. Spuds Mackenzie — February 8, 2017

Goodbye Mr. Spuds Mackenzie

I remembered that $55 piece of trash I have sitting in my storage space. That poli sci book I bought the first time I tried to take the class. My phone bill increased to 5 times as much. I was not paying much at all for my old phone. About $80 a year. I know I had a flip phone that couldn’t do anything, but still. That really saved me a lot of money. Now I am paying over $400 a year. I dropped one of the classes. I dropped the math class.

I haven’t been blogging since I was preoccupied with other things.

Sailor Moon Drops has the Sailor Neptune event going so I was playing that constantly. I did manage to unlock the character.
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Those neopets charity events are a real killer. Good thing I like to hoard things on there. But I’m done with it. I cleaned out my SDB and ran out of items to donate/sell.
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Of all the Super Bowl commercials the Spuds Mackenzie was my favorite. Spuds Mackenzie I miss him and now he is a ghost 😦 But at least he came back.

I used to have a knockoff plush of him in a red Hawaiian shirt. (this is not mine I found the picture on the internet)
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I liked that mascot. It didn’t influence me to drink beer though. I don’t drink beer I’ve graduated to hard liquor. But I don’t know which is worse.

There wasn’t much live tweeting this year during the Super Bowl like last and the year before. I don’t use twitter as much as I used to. Is twitter dead? Not that it will leave a big hole in my life if it does go away.

A $200 Obsolete Book! — February 1, 2017

A $200 Obsolete Book!

I just wish I could microwave my way through something; anything! Part of me doesn’t even care what it is. Or be good at something, well writing, but I’m not exactly getting paid for it.

My school registration day was on Inauguration Day. Usually I sign up for classes and pay for them within the next week. It really had nothing to do with who was going to be president. I get all depressed and stressed because I want to get out really fast. I mean I usually get like this. This time I feel more depressed about it than usual. I look at the paper with the list of classes and either feel apathetic or sad. The thing that is really bothering me is that classes for my major are hard to get and they are only available in the spring or fall and only once a week or so, and usually offered by one instructor. Then once I looked at the text book prices on amazon I saw one of the books was $200! For a soft cover book that is going to be obsolete to me in 5-6 months. My mom said to see it as an investment in my future. To me I see a $200 piece of trash! And that is not even counting what I need for the other class I signed up for which I’m considering dropping one of them.

I was watching the music video “Song for the Dumped” by Ben Folds Five. I was telling my mom about the video yesterday about how it has dolls in it.

After that I ended up watching the video for “Army”. I still love the lyric “God please spare me more rejection!“. I had a similar problem 7 years ago.

Somehow after watching a string of music videos I ended up watching “Today” by The Smashing Pumpkins. I thought about how I used to listen to that song a lot when I took Japanese class. I was like “That was almost 10 years ago!” Then I just got more sad.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to stop listening to all this “writing advice” all over the internet it’s just making me crazy and more apprehensive and paranoid about my work than I was before. Before that I actually had self confidence in what I wrote.

P.S.: Twizzlers can be used as a phone stylus. Which I may or may not have seen in some type of hack video. I can’t remember.