Donate Here! — March 29, 2017

Donate Here!

I used to read this good blog. It was good until it got too whiny you shouldn’t blame your personality type on everything. Anyway this person had a donation paypal button on their blog. I had been thinking of using one for a while, but I felt it cheapened the blog in a way. But after I thought about it I thought “It worked for somebody else so why not try?” I’m willing to try anything. Even if my dad thinks it’s dumb. Screw him!

It can be like Helga’s postcard in the Valentines Hey Arnold episode.
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I mean I’m out of ideas here! I feel like blindfolded dart thrower.

The Keys — March 28, 2017

The Keys

I was all ready this morning to clean out my storage space when I forgot the most important thing. The keys to the space! @o@ I felt so stupid!

My dad got a silly phone call from somebody trying to scam the elderly. They told him he was cheating the IRS and there was a warrant out for his arrest. It was one of the funniest scam telemarketer messages I ever heard left on our machine. I was so tempted to sing ♪”The Warrant”♪ like Rockapella does in World into the phone.

My dad really wanted to go to this restaurant. The strange things is now that he is older he gets more excited about things than I do. I’d post a review on yelp but I’m retried now. Let’s say it would not be 5 stars.

And that toothpaste scratched screen hack doesn’t work on an MP3 player or at least it didn’t work on mine. I used Pepsodent paste. The only thing it manged to do was leave my MP3 player smelling minty fresh.

Peanut Butter Blazer — March 27, 2017

Peanut Butter Blazer

I had this silly thought that a lot of places that I end up applying to where the interview goes horribly wrong a lot of those places end up closing in a few years. I’d say except for a few big established places like a Papa John’s, 2 different Mc Donald’s and a Family Dollar. Then maybe it is good luck in some sort of twisted way? I don’t know or maybe I’m just telling myself that to feel better.

I hacked the slipping straps on my backpack by hot gluing them. I can’t believe it actually worked! I’m not sure how long it will last. But I’m happy with them for now.

The bus was having problems on the way there. It was running rough and stalling. The driver had to restart it a few times.

The parking lot is really clearing up. It will be until around late may. Then the people start to show up who neglected to drop the class in the first place.

I saw some girl and she was dressed so early 90s with a bright loud jacket and tight jeans. I didn’t want to say that, but I was thinking it.

Somebody in class was complaining about walking up the hill because they parked on the bottom of it. I was thinking, “poor you I walk up those hills all the time because I don’t have the convenience of parking my vehicle.” 😥

The teacher was saying about the debate team and how good they are this year and all I could think about was that Bob’s Burgers episode I saw yesterday. You know and how they want people to join it. I wonder if I would need to wear a blazer? Personally I think I have about the same debating skills as Tina. Well I did talk about “pageant crack” one time so… Which I should really try BTW.

I really find this class kinda boring. But what can I do? I feel like Stanley from The Office. I don’t even get a pretzel. I thought I had to present the group work today. But that is next week my mistake. Now I have more time to polish it and I can time myself better.

I guess the school is not peanut free because the girl sitting next to me was eating Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Then I remembered they sell peanuts and peanut candy at the student stores. It’s not really a problem for me. I can handle peanuts. I was just wondering if the school was peanut free. Well most of my lunch I take to school contains peanuts.

Zabuton Wishes — March 26, 2017

Zabuton Wishes

I went to the mall for a job interview but when I got there the guy there had no idea who I was. And you know that is always a bad sign. Then he calls somebody on the phone and says that the interview was for 12 instead of 11. Yesterday when I got a call from the guy he said it was 11. So I turned down the interview. What a bust! I know that sounds snobby, but I don’t want to work at a place like that. I hope that restaurant fails! I know I sound like a bitch, but if they are that unorganized that is not a good place to work at. I’ve read enough Ask a Manager to know that.

I really wanted it to work out because honestly I don’t like my class. It’s very boring. I don’t even care about the subject. I only took it because the school doesn’t offer much of a choice for communications classes. I hope I can get a job before I’m locked in there. If I leave before a certain date I can get a “W” in the class which I really don’t care if I did now. It’s bad if I get locked in there. That’s the worst. Then I end up with no job and stuck in some stupid class for the whole semester. How bad would it really be if I got an “F”, but had a job?

I think I found the nearest Daiso store. Which is good. There was a lot of good stuff in there. They had the melon soda I like. The melon flavor is so hard to find. Lots of good Japanese snack foods too. I really wanted to go there for the stationary. You know how seriously I take it. Until I realized I’m pretty well stocked in the notebook department and in the pencil department. Pens, I’m not sure I just got some a few months ago at the Dollar Tree and the Walgreens. Surprisingly they worked a lot better than the ones my dad got a few years ago from Dollar Tree. I was thinking about wanting a cushion yesterday, a zabuton. So I can watch tv and sit on the floor while I eat dinner. And they had some there.

I went to the Muji store too. The way people were raving about it on the internet it sounded like a stationary store. But it’s not. It’s more like a Japanese IKEA or something. They sell other stuff like socks and furniture. It was ok, but I think I’ll go back there when I have a lot of time to browse.

I was gonna write about my class experience but I realized that I might have to do that for an assignment. So I’ll write Something vague. And talk about my dad playing music.

I did try out the zabuton during dinner and I liked it. 🙂

Confusion X 2 — March 25, 2017

Confusion X 2

Group work is hard.

There is a word called in my text book “group hate” which means to have an utter disdain for group work due to previous bad past experiences.

I will say this experience was group displeasement. They didn’t remember what time to meet up at. Just in the afternoon. That could be any time between noon and 6PM. I remember they said 2PM because I wrote it down.

What’s a person to do? Why blog of course? I was working on a blog, but I decided not to post it. I like to multitask even if I’m pretty bad at it most of the time. They wanted to put obscene emojis in the chat. After I thought it was over I just decided to leave nobody was writing anything.

I was just happy it was not video conferencing because my dad was blasting his music. It was that episode of Malcolm in the Middle “Funeral”. Which is one of my favorite episodes of the series.

Later when I was eating fried food take away (that’s UK English for take out) and watching Night Court I think I still act like Christine. @o@

I Plumb Forgot About Word Counts — March 23, 2017

I Plumb Forgot About Word Counts

My last blog sucked. Disregard it. It’s not very good.

Well by day 4 I stopped my word count because I plumb forgot. But the 3 days that I did count them I averaged about 772. On Monday my word count was about 200 lower than Sunday and Tuesday which was about 824 words. My Night Court themed blog threw me off too since I had been working on that for a month. I had just saved the file and decided to post it. Then I just cleaned it up a bit.

The teacher said when we write about our past group experiences not to use the names of the people in class. So I use tv character names for example I worked on a project Erica and Barry were slackers and Beverley bossed everybody around. If you don’t know those are The Goldbergs characters.

I hope you find the portal to heaven in California.

Socket Wrench Paranoia — March 22, 2017

Socket Wrench Paranoia

The title sounds like something from a Miss Mallard book.

When I was in school you had to be very talented including being a mind reader.

How was I supposed to know you wanted a socket wrench if you didn’t tell me and then punish the whole class for it. Just because the teacher was in a shitty mood and makes up things to punish you.

I really wish I had a hammerspace backpack. I could be like “Need a socket wrench? I got that! Oh wait you said purple cellophane I got that too!”

My mom thinks my former schooling did a lot of damage to me.

I’m Just Wild About Harry! — March 21, 2017

I’m Just Wild About Harry!

I really like the show Night Court.

I kept seeing that on bookstagram accounts.
It has nothing to do with that 1980s tv show.

Anderson was divorced and remarried and has 2 kids. Why am I writing this? You can just go look this up on his wikipedia page or something. He is old like my dad. They were born in the same year. They are both in their mid 60s. He played a much younger character on the show than the age he really was at the time.

To me there’s something about adorkable guys/characters. My favorite character has to be Harry Stone. I really didn’t notice his sensitive side until I saw the episodes The Hurricane. (it’s a 2 parter) He’s sensitive, but eccentric too.

Harry Stone! Squee!
What a dreamboat!
We can listen to Mel Torme together.

I‘m going to write fan fiction about the show!

My mom thinks I act like Dan. There are sometimes he is like me. Like in the episode where there is a fire and Dan calls the tv station with a fake accent to say that him Dan Fielding is saving people from the building. But when the station reports it they say it is somebody named Jan Seedling. Something similar happened to me. My 8th grade diploma has the wrong name on it. I find Dan being a lot more horny than I am so maybe a mix of Dan and Harry. Darry? When I was a teenager I was more like a mix of Harry and Christine. I didn’t used to curse. Well around authority figures. Now that I think about it I was more like a mix of Christine and Rachel from Glee when I was a teenager.

I like the show so much I even made up lyrics to the theme song. Here they are so you can sing along. These are for seasons 4-9
“It’s time for Night Court (when the name of the show appears on the screen the 1st time)
With judge Harry presiding (shot of Harry Anderson)
With Christine and Dan now (shots of Markie Post and John Larroquette)
With Mac and Bull (shots of Charles Robinson and Richard Moll)
And then there’s Roz (shot of Marsha Warfield)
It’s called Night Court (when the name of the show appears on the screen the 2nd time)”

The show is similar to Brooklyn 99. A lot of characters are very similar. Roz and Rosa besides having “R” names they are both no nonsense. Christine and Amy are both naive people pleasers. Mac and Terry for being hunky guys. For a character similar to Harry I’d say either Jake or Charles. Or maybe Jake is more like Bull? Not all the characters are an exact match. I’m not sure who would be a match for Capt. Holt.
I think they are so similar because Brooklyn 99 is considered a spiritual successor to Barney Miller and the guy who developed Night Court, Reinhold Weege  worked on Barney Miller.

Pristine White Shoes — March 20, 2017

Pristine White Shoes

I played “Cake for Breakfast” for my mom today. Luckily I had that CD in my CD player. Because it’s her birthday which is also the first day of spring. When it gets hot again I’ll cut my hair real short. It grew too long. Usually if it is really hot around this time of the year I do cut it, but then some cold weather came in.

I was late because I was fighting with the computer. It’s acting a little funny. Which upsets me since we have not even had it for a year. I was running late and hastily made a bacon and turkey sandwich to take to school.

When I can drive all I’ll need to take to class is a notebook/binder, a purse and my car keys. And maybe not even that much. I can be like those people that come to class with nothing but some car keys and that’s it. No backpack needed. I would not need to pack a bunch of things I do now like a lunch, and time killers. I can also have my pristine white shoes.

The parking lot has really thinned out and by April there will be like nobody there at school. This is around the time people start to give up even though the refund deadline was over about 10 days ago.

There is still something wrong with that backpack. It seems like every time I take it to school it gets heavier and heavier. The straps keep shifting. When I got there I just wanted a place to put the backpack to fix the straps. So the guy sitting at a bench sees me stop. I was looking at my phone. Then he lays on the bench so I can’t use it. Nice move jerk wad! Then when I thought about it they lay on the bench and look like hobos. I wouldn’t lay on those. They are outdoors and the garbage pickers place their can collection bags on those benches. That whole area was poorly designed the buildings, the seating areas, and the bathrooms. I’ve been trying to figure out how to hack it. I thought I’d watch some backpack hacking videos later. I was not going to try in class and eat up all my data watching videos. Either that or just remove stuff from it.

I got a complement on my Pokémon shirt. Then I realized I wore 2 anime shirts in a row. XoX

That girl from my old drama class is so team mom. The teacher put us in groups, but luckily though I didn’t have to work with her.

He gave us these cards that had strange personalty questions on them to help us get acquainted with each other. I was sitting near the front of the room to notice which colors were which. The yellow ones had the best/easiest questions. The other 2 colors were harder ones. They reminded me of those questions from that personalty journal. My trickster personalty is still there it just got a little deluded over the years.

I can’t believe my goody two shoes personality still follows me around/haunts me. I look a little wimpy because I don’t smoke anything. I could now legally, but I haven’t had the time or money to. Maybe I am a lot more like Christine from Night Court than I think. Why are people shocked to learn that I drink? Do I really look that young? If you do think I do look that young thanks for shaving 13 years off my age. 🙂
I thought the crow’s feet were really showing now.

This one girl in my group said she also had the same speech teacher I did. She said she liked him, but was not as enthusiastic about him as I was. On a serious note he really helped me blossom. I thought about that scene in the episode “Crushed” where Sue goes to her professor’s apartment. She thought it was going to be a one on one study session, but he invited the whole class. Christine and a little of Sue Heck thrown in too. When I think about it Sue and Christine are very similar in being “delusional optimists”.

One girl said she lived in a city my parents use to live in before I was born back in the early 80s. A few years before I was born. I was telling them about this one place I used to live and that there was this store there, but it closed down. I think that store closed before they were born. Seriously I talk like an old person I ramble on like Grandpa Simpson. Sometimes college makes me feel like a relic from the old times. I was talking about how I have lived in various parts of the valley.

The other people in the group were saying about how they want to have a lot of money and do nothing. That doesn’t exist. Well not for most people in most income brackets. Unless you are like an heir or heiress you know the 1% ers. Or you can do it and end up like the grasshopper while most of your peers were the ants. I know from experience. I should own a house and fancy car by now. Honestly I didn’t even have a lot of “fun” provided I’m not a big party person or do a lot of drugs or anything like that.

They wanted to do the assignment through facebook. So they start friending each other. But they can’t friend me. I made my facebook private. I don’t want people all up in my brizness. Good thing I didn’t delete it since I’ve been thinking about it. For a while now. I haven’t really touched it since like October. I know it was before the election. I was not gonna look at that thing during the election. I’d go insane. I don’t even have the facebook app installed in my phone. Or maybe it came pre-installed. I don’t know I never use it. Maybe I should keep it just for school.

Since I had been trying to play Sailor Moon Drops during the breaks. I messed up my heart lives clock a little and by the time I got out of class I knew I would have to wait at least an hour for a full set of 5 lives.

I was just feeling off all day. Then after choking down on the bacon sandwich in the car on the way home and then having some pizza I didn’t feel right. My mom knew I was really sick when I turned down a See’s candy. But I was right I was very sick.

Later I did add them on facebook and remedied the problem.

On the Edge of Crap — March 19, 2017

On the Edge of Crap

So the school’s website can’t be viewed properly in Firefox or Chrome. They said they are working on fixing it, but it has been incompatible with Chrome for at least over a month. It became incompatible with Firefox about a week ago or so. I tried viewing it with Edge which was suggested by them. Boy is that thing a bitch to work with. Why does Microsoft make everything so hard to work with? They make me update my computer, and then it’s unusable for at least a half hour after.

I was also thinking of starting to count all the words I’ve written in a day. Just to see. If it makes me go crazy then I’ll stop. I know sometimes I can let things get out of hand. I’ll start off with a small number somewhere between 100-300. Nothing too crazy or unattainable. I’m not sure what to count that I wrote though. Diary stuff? Blogging? I’d count my fan fics and “big works”. Any school work or correspondence will not be counted. Ok so I’m going with diary stuff, public blogging, fan fics and my “big works”. Today I managed to write about 826 words.

I found this in my google feed in my phone.
Obviously the person who wrote this has not listened to their other songs. Some of them are very 90s sounding especially the albums with the lineup from the game show. (Elliott, Sean, Scott, Barry, and Jeff)