My teacher gave us an assignment so he can learn about us.  He wants us to tell him our name, to give a fun fact about ourselves, and our guilty pleasure. I wanted them to be different from the ones I gave in class. I don’t want to be that boring. I hate these kind of assignments *whispers* I don’t think I’m all that interesting. Like always I overthink the assignment.

I can’t think of anything! I’m so at a loss for words. Oh great now I’m thinking about the song and music video “Redundant” by Green Day.

I don’t wanna use that I’m an INFP again *rolls eyes*

Maybe if I read over some of my old blogs from my old speech class I would get ideas. I did and nothing really jumped out at me. I’m running out of ideas here!

One of the problems I have is that I don’t want what I give to be used against me. You know like she’s that weird lady who binge watches old game shows. So then I have to be the “class game show expert” or something.

I was not even sure what chapter to read. So I’ll just wing it. As of writing I did start reading the book about 21 pages into it, but I have to read 62 pages. I even took some notes of questionable quality on my reading . Since I don’t really know the guy I have no idea what his teaching style is like.

No wonder he wanted us to print out the syllabus it’s 9 pages long!