Whenever a minor internet celebrity dies I think “How can I get my name out there?” and “When I die I hope people say nice things about me.”

I just hope I did the assignment right. I wrote such a dumb answer for the fun fact. But I wrote it with good reason. I’m still having a problem reconfiguring my backpack. I still have no idea what I’m doing. The bus was 15 minutes late I was thinking “Will I  make it on time?” Yes I did with approx 20 minutes to spare. And that included maneuvering through a crowded parking lot.  I’ll give it 2 weeks not including this one. Just to see it thin out.

He said we could have food in class if we didn’t abuse the privilege. I do feel a lot better in the class lecture environment than whatever was going on in that drama class. I forgot about that long ass 3 hour lab class I took in 2008? The teacher said he doesn’t like to be touched. And if he doesn’t touch my hair we’ll be cool. Why do I keep thinking about Seinfeld in class? Last week it was about pretending to have dead relatives and that the teacher wants proof. Would coffin selfies count? George had a Polaroid of him by the coffin to try and get a death in the family discount. This week we were talking about winking and it made me think about the episode The Wink when George got grapefruit in his eye and he could not stop winking. One of the bathroom stalls on the 1st floor has very philosophical graffiti.

I made fun of my dad in class by saying about his ALL CAPS emails. Seriously my dad needs to stop doing that. Elderly or not. Actually it was more making fun of how computer literate he thinks he is and does not need to improve.

I think he is weirder than my speech teacher. But it’s only been 2 weeks. He said we won’t be doing Myers Brigg in class. This INFP feels sad. 😦 He wants to know if we have interesting hobbies. I do sort of, or I think I do? But it’s secret. I try not to start the semester as an open book that is something somebody else would do. I like to have something up my sleeve if I can, but I’m not sure this time since I had drama class with that one girl.

I made a reference to the show Dear John (US version) in class, but it was lost on everyone.

I was really hungry. I should pack more food.

People were talking about this horrible journalism teacher there who was also that horrible poli sci teacher I had when I took it the first time. I said the rate my professor ratings were not a good gauge for her class. He asked me if I used it. Sure I do. I need to know this stuff. And if it has bearing on if I take a class or not. Ok so the rate my professors site has a little bearing on if I take a class or not I’d say somewhere between 40-60%. This is just a random observation, but why does it seem like journalism teachers suck and seem to be “out of it”?