So the school’s website can’t be viewed properly in Firefox or Chrome. They said they are working on fixing it, but it has been incompatible with Chrome for at least over a month. It became incompatible with Firefox about a week ago or so. I tried viewing it with Edge which was suggested by them. Boy is that thing a bitch to work with. Why does Microsoft make everything so hard to work with? They make me update my computer, and then it’s unusable for at least a half hour after.

I was also thinking of starting to count all the words I’ve written in a day. Just to see. If it makes me go crazy then I’ll stop. I know sometimes I can let things get out of hand. I’ll start off with a small number somewhere between 100-300. Nothing too crazy or unattainable. I’m not sure what to count that I wrote though. Diary stuff? Blogging? I’d count my fan fics and “big works”. Any school work or correspondence will not be counted. Ok so I’m going with diary stuff, public blogging, fan fics and my “big works”. Today I managed to write about 826 words.

I found this in my google feed in my phone.
Obviously the person who wrote this has not listened to their other songs. Some of them are very 90s sounding especially the albums with the lineup from the game show. (Elliott, Sean, Scott, Barry, and Jeff)