I played “Cake for Breakfast” for my mom today. Luckily I had that CD in my CD player. Because it’s her birthday which is also the first day of spring. When it gets hot again I’ll cut my hair real short. It grew too long. Usually if it is really hot around this time of the year I do cut it, but then some cold weather came in.

I was late because I was fighting with the computer. It’s acting a little funny. Which upsets me since we have not even had it for a year. I was running late and hastily made a bacon and turkey sandwich to take to school.

When I can drive all I’ll need to take to class is a notebook/binder, a purse and my car keys. And maybe not even that much. I can be like those people that come to class with nothing but some car keys and that’s it. No backpack needed. I would not need to pack a bunch of things I do now like a lunch, and time killers. I can also have my pristine white shoes.

The parking lot has really thinned out and by April there will be like nobody there at school. This is around the time people start to give up even though the refund deadline was over about 10 days ago.

There is still something wrong with that backpack. It seems like every time I take it to school it gets heavier and heavier. The straps keep shifting. When I got there I just wanted a place to put the backpack to fix the straps. So the guy sitting at a bench sees me stop. I was looking at my phone. Then he lays on the bench so I can’t use it. Nice move jerk wad! Then when I thought about it they lay on the bench and look like hobos. I wouldn’t lay on those. They are outdoors and the garbage pickers place their can collection bags on those benches. That whole area was poorly designed the buildings, the seating areas, and the bathrooms. I’ve been trying to figure out how to hack it. I thought I’d watch some backpack hacking videos later. I was not going to try in class and eat up all my data watching videos. Either that or just remove stuff from it.

I got a complement on my Pokémon shirt. Then I realized I wore 2 anime shirts in a row. XoX

That girl from my old drama class is so team mom. The teacher put us in groups, but luckily though I didn’t have to work with her.

He gave us these cards that had strange personalty questions on them to help us get acquainted with each other. I was sitting near the front of the room to notice which colors were which. The yellow ones had the best/easiest questions. The other 2 colors were harder ones. They reminded me of those questions from that personalty journal. My trickster personalty is still there it just got a little deluded over the years.

I can’t believe my goody two shoes personality still follows me around/haunts me. I look a little wimpy because I don’t smoke anything. I could now legally, but I haven’t had the time or money to. Maybe I am a lot more like Christine from Night Court than I think. Why are people shocked to learn that I drink? Do I really look that young? If you do think I do look that young thanks for shaving 13 years off my age. 🙂
I thought the crow’s feet were really showing now.

This one girl in my group said she also had the same speech teacher I did. She said she liked him, but was not as enthusiastic about him as I was. On a serious note he really helped me blossom. I thought about that scene in the episode “Crushed” where Sue goes to her professor’s apartment. She thought it was going to be a one on one study session, but he invited the whole class. Christine and a little of Sue Heck thrown in too. When I think about it Sue and Christine are very similar in being “delusional optimists”.

One girl said she lived in a city my parents use to live in before I was born back in the early 80s. A few years before I was born. I was telling them about this one place I used to live and that there was this store there, but it closed down. I think that store closed before they were born. Seriously I talk like an old person I ramble on like Grandpa Simpson. Sometimes college makes me feel like a relic from the old times. I was talking about how I have lived in various parts of the valley.

The other people in the group were saying about how they want to have a lot of money and do nothing. That doesn’t exist. Well not for most people in most income brackets. Unless you are like an heir or heiress you know the 1% ers. Or you can do it and end up like the grasshopper while most of your peers were the ants. I know from experience. I should own a house and fancy car by now. Honestly I didn’t even have a lot of “fun” provided I’m not a big party person or do a lot of drugs or anything like that.

They wanted to do the assignment through facebook. So they start friending each other. But they can’t friend me. I made my facebook private. I don’t want people all up in my brizness. Good thing I didn’t delete it since I’ve been thinking about it. For a while now. I haven’t really touched it since like October. I know it was before the election. I was not gonna look at that thing during the election. I’d go insane. I don’t even have the facebook app installed in my phone. Or maybe it came pre-installed. I don’t know I never use it. Maybe I should keep it just for school.

Since I had been trying to play Sailor Moon Drops during the breaks. I messed up my heart lives clock a little and by the time I got out of class I knew I would have to wait at least an hour for a full set of 5 lives.

I was just feeling off all day. Then after choking down on the bacon sandwich in the car on the way home and then having some pizza I didn’t feel right. My mom knew I was really sick when I turned down a See’s candy. But I was right I was very sick.

Later I did add them on facebook and remedied the problem.