Group work is hard.

There is a word called in my text book “group hate” which means to have an utter disdain for group work due to previous bad past experiences.

I will say this experience was group displeasement. They didn’t remember what time to meet up at. Just in the afternoon. That could be any time between noon and 6PM. I remember they said 2PM because I wrote it down.

What’s a person to do? Why blog of course? I was working on a blog, but I decided not to post it. I like to multitask even if I’m pretty bad at it most of the time. They wanted to put obscene emojis in the chat. After I thought it was over I just decided to leave nobody was writing anything.

I was just happy it was not video conferencing because my dad was blasting his music. It was that episode of Malcolm in the Middle “Funeral”. Which is one of my favorite episodes of the series.

Later when I was eating fried food take away (that’s UK English for take out) and watching Night Court I think I still act like Christine. @o@