I had this silly thought that a lot of places that I end up applying to where the interview goes horribly wrong a lot of those places end up closing in a few years. I’d say except for a few big established places like a Papa John’s, 2 different Mc Donald’s and a Family Dollar. Then maybe it is good luck in some sort of twisted way? I don’t know or maybe I’m just telling myself that to feel better.

I hacked the slipping straps on my backpack by hot gluing them. I can’t believe it actually worked! I’m not sure how long it will last. But I’m happy with them for now.

The bus was having problems on the way there. It was running rough and stalling. The driver had to restart it a few times.

The parking lot is really clearing up. It will be until around late may. Then the people start to show up who neglected to drop the class in the first place.

I saw some girl and she was dressed so early 90s with a bright loud jacket and tight jeans. I didn’t want to say that, but I was thinking it.

Somebody in class was complaining about walking up the hill because they parked on the bottom of it. I was thinking, “poor you I walk up those hills all the time because I don’t have the convenience of parking my vehicle.” 😥

The teacher was saying about the debate team and how good they are this year and all I could think about was that Bob’s Burgers episode I saw yesterday. You know and how they want people to join it. I wonder if I would need to wear a blazer? Personally I think I have about the same debating skills as Tina. Well I did talk about “pageant crack” one time so… Which I should really try BTW.

I really find this class kinda boring. But what can I do? I feel like Stanley from The Office. I don’t even get a pretzel. I thought I had to present the group work today. But that is next week my mistake. Now I have more time to polish it and I can time myself better.

I guess the school is not peanut free because the girl sitting next to me was eating Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Then I remembered they sell peanuts and peanut candy at the student stores. It’s not really a problem for me. I can handle peanuts. I was just wondering if the school was peanut free. Well most of my lunch I take to school contains peanuts.