I was all ready this morning to clean out my storage space when I forgot the most important thing. The keys to the space! @o@ I felt so stupid!

My dad got a silly phone call from somebody trying to scam the elderly. They told him he was cheating the IRS and there was a warrant out for his arrest. It was one of the funniest scam telemarketer messages I ever heard left on our machine. I was so tempted to sing ♪”The Warrant”♪ like Rockapella does in World into the phone.

My dad really wanted to go to this restaurant. The strange things is now that he is older he gets more excited about things than I do. I’d post a review on yelp but I’m retried now. Let’s say it would not be 5 stars.

And that toothpaste scratched screen hack doesn’t work on an MP3 player or at least it didn’t work on mine. I used Pepsodent paste. The only thing it manged to do was leave my MP3 player smelling minty fresh.