Looking for a Pokémon and found a Sailor — March 18, 2017

Looking for a Pokémon and found a Sailor

When I first got my smartphone I really wanted Pokémon Go to be my thing. I was gonna download the app and start finding Pokémon in my immediate area.
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I could not get Pokémon Go to work. I was stuck with the clump of the 3 starters. I tried so many times to catch a starter. I discovered some other game in the app store. Sailor Moon Drops.
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I immediately fell in love with it. To me it was like if Candy Crush and Sailor Moon had a baby together it would be this game. I know I did develop an unhealthy addiction with Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda and Cookie Jam. Sadly this game is no different. I even equated the different types of levels in each game with the others. Look for Luna is similar to the bears in the frosting in Soda. And the different character unlocking events they hold are similar to Cookie Jam with The Airship Challenge.

The Madness — March 16, 2017

The Madness

I was going to blog this yesterday, but my dad hogged the computer for a long time. His stupidity and arrogance never ceases to amaze me. He gets mad when he tries to print directly off a website. Especially since he wastes a lot of ink. Then I get blamed for it. I wish I lived somewhere else so he could waste all the ink trying to print one small thing off a website.

I like watching college basketball late in the morning. Seeing all those commercials for food, cell phones and soft drinks. Also the occasional car and beer commercials. I don’t usually care about the games much.

It was funny when last week my mom said she overheard 2 guys at the store talking about “the madness”, and that it had something to do with basketball.

I should listen to some Madness.

Punky Moon — March 13, 2017

Punky Moon

I was wearing my hair in odangos because it was hot. At first my hair looked more Punky Brewster than Sailor Moon. Since it is longer it is harder to put into buns. Once I cut it short again it will be easier. It’s sort of a throwback to my long hair days. But I’ll never have my hair as long as I used to back then. With all the pollen my allergies were acting up. It rained, got hot, and everything bloomed. I had the matching Sailor Moon shirt to go along with the hairstyle. The time change finally got to me. I fell asleep like 2 hours before leaving for school. Maybe I should start drinking cola before I leave for school again. It’s also playing around with my eating habits. When I checked the weather on my phone at about noon it said 66 degrees F, but that seemed off to me. It seemed much warmer.

I noticed the parking lot was not as crowded. I just don’t want people following me and asking where I parked. I take a short cut through the parking lot since it is the fastest way to get to my building to and from the bus stop.

After using the bathroom at school I ran into my teacher. At first I wasn’t sure if it was him or not. As I got closer I saw it was I gave an awkward smile and a dismissive wave. I hope he wasn’t upset. I got a compliment on my Sailor Moon shirt from somebody in the class. 😄 Am I not as recognizable with my hair up? He said the class was dressed differently and it was hard to recognize us. The last 2 class sessions it’s been cold weather so we were all “bundled up” well for here anyway. Now everybody was wearing short sleeved shirts. When I checked the weather at like 2PM 90 degrees F seemed reasonable.

I did well on the lost at sea activity. The teacher said something about a sextant. I think I knew what it was before he pulled up a picture of it. I told my group members I saw that thing in a pirate movie, or maybe it was an episode of The Monkees I forget. I guess watching all that Survivor and Swiss Family Robinson anime paid off. 😊
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I kept thinking about random things in class. Like the gummi bears I was eating tasted waxy. I wondered if they were in my backpack for too long? I didn’t think about Seinfeld in class this time. But I thought about The Simpsons instead.

He said he wanted a moped because of the movie Empire Records. I thought maybe he was\is a rude boy. I could imagine him in a really stylish hat like a pork pie. Since mopeds and pork pies are associated with the ska music culture. Because he mentioned that movie I was trying to gauge his age. Last class he said he is not 45. Which means he could be younger or older than 45.  He looks like somebody from a tv show and I can’t put my finger on who it is and it’s really bothering me. Of course I don’t want to say anything because that would just be weird. 😵😩 XoX @o@

He was talking about having a bad experience with a former classmate from another class. That girl from the drama class is the only person I know in that class. Ideally it would have been nice to come into the class as a “stranger”. You know nobody knew me from anywhere else. In the old class she was cracking jokes, making movie references, and talking about superhero movies with the rest of them. Me I do what I always do/did write and eat candy. I’m really trying to still use pen and paper for my writing projects. I don’t want to become too dependent on the phone. She’s just so I don’t know…just there. She’s so quiet now. Does he know me and her knew each other from another class. I might not even have to work with her. Anything is possible… 😖😵 :/

On the bus ride home I must have looked pretty silly playing Sailor Moon Drops in my Sailor Moon shirt with my hair in odangos. The bus was really crowded for some reason.

I could wear odangos until I’m an old lady. Provided I have enough hair to actually still style my hair like that.
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I thought I invented a new sandwich, but I guess I didn’t. 😦 I put a cherry fruit leather in a peanut butter sandwich. I like it though it’s less messy. All I used was bread, peanut butter and a fruit leather. Apparently other people make those.

*An Author’s Life For Me Tag* — March 11, 2017

*An Author’s Life For Me Tag*

I saw somebody answering these questions in a vlog. You know I don’t like vlogging. I found a few others who had written their answers instead of vlogging them. That is so “writer” of me to rather write it in a blog. I thought they would be fun to answer because proclaiming you are a writer on the internet makes you more of a real writer than the next guy j/k 😛 (see #8) 😜

1. What kind of writer are you?
To be honest I write about a lot of different things. Blogging, fan fiction, magical girl, horror, fiction, journaling (on paper). Whatever strikes my fancy.

2. When did you start writing and what made you want to try it?
In 2nd grade I hated writing I could never come up with any good ideas. When I was about 9 or 10 I used to write really bad Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan fiction. At 12 I started keeping a diary semi-consistently. I used to like to write. I had very lofty writing goals I attempted to write a screenplay at 12 and a novel at 13. When I was 15 I met my dead friend she was probably the first person to make me think I was a writer. This was one of the most important things in my young teenage years. She helped me find my writing voice at a young age.

3. What inspires your stories?
Pretty much anything and everything there is nothing in particular.

4. Are you a “plotter” or “pantser”?
Here are the definitions: a plotter plans out their story before writing it. A pantser just starts writing and figures it out later. Honestly I didn’t even know what these terms meant or that they even existed until like a few months ago. Ok so before I knew what those meant I just sat at the computer or with a pen and paper and just wrote. That is usually how I’ve been doing it for all these years. Recently I have started plotting a few of the stories I’ve written but they are very loosely plotted. They are like “Helen goes to the market and buys a sandwich”. I like to use them more for my fan fiction writing only because I have the stock characters to work with. Like this one for a Winx Club story I was working on. “Stella and Flora meet a mysterious new girl”. I did not include school assignments like essays because I consider those a whole different animal. I don’t write those for fun.

5. Where are you in your writing journey?
Is this a trick question? Do I need to be anywhere specific?

6. Have you entered any writing contest? Did you win/lose them?
When I was in the 8th grade I wrote a poem on the fly walking home from school. I hated those contests because the prompts were so vague they were things like “If I could grow”. When I got home I wrote it down. Then I get told my entry was one of the finalists or something. “What!? That thing?” I honestly didn’t think I was going to win. But it did. I got a trophy to date the only trophy I own. I have won a few other contest by writing nostalgia themed articles.

7. Who are your writing heroes?
My dead friend she inspired me to keep writing. She made me feel like a real writer. And my pen pal who inadvertently inspired me to write again after losing my self confidence for about 3 years.

8. What are your top 3 tips for newbie writers?
#1 Writing is not for everybody. I know everybody thinks writing is “easy”. They are all going to write the next “Great American Novel” or whatever. They think of it as a quick and easy way to make money.

#2 No one thing you do or buy besides actually writing makes you a writer. Not using certain computer programs. Not eating or drinking special foods or drinks. Drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol. Just writing and that is it.

#3 Don’t overly concern yourself by what “real writers” do. Real writers only drink coffee. Real writers write over 7000 words a day. Real writers go out and slaughter a bear before they write. You get the idea. Real writers write.

Technical Violet — March 9, 2017

Technical Violet

What happened to my dad? Really? He is putting a lot of weight on online reviews? I thought he hated those? Usually he says about it being “computer crap”! Maybe because I told him I retired from yelp and will stay retired.

After I really thought about it how memorable am I really? Would that girl from my drama class really remember me aside from the scene we had to be in? I mention how I feel like Sue Heck a lot that after people meet me they can’t remember me for some reason. Or Fern from the Arthur cartoons. Especially in that drama class. Being out of my element made me even meeker than I usually am. I would say things in class, but it would get lost among all the clamor. I felt like a shrinking violet in there.

I really wanted pork ramen and I see there was only one measly package of pork ramen left!? So I had to buy it. The package wasn’t damaged.
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Tried some of that 1893 Pepsi it was really good. I also splurged on a Grand Mac. The one I got was really saucy and I didn’t even ask for extra sauce.
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Personality Journal Blog Entry 15 — March 7, 2017

Personality Journal Blog Entry 15

I haven’t written about anything from the Personality Journal in a long time. At least since last year. I was planning on using it after I moved and got settled (sort of) in 2016, but then the book got mixed in with some other journals and I found it back in December or January.

This entry is about fashion
Favorite color to wear: black(?)
My parents hate when I wear: sloppy clothes
Favorite accessory: scrunchies (?)
Last time I got dressed up: my aunt’s funeral
I am least comfortable wearing: heels
My most sentimental piece of clothing: My 1st No Doubt shirt
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A clothing trend I wish would go away: Skinny jeans
The celebrity’s wardrobe I want: Gwen Stefani
Then there is a list of adjectives to describe your style out of the ones they had I picked; rocker, tomboy, conservative

CAPS LOCK — March 6, 2017


Whenever a minor internet celebrity dies I think “How can I get my name out there?” and “When I die I hope people say nice things about me.”

I just hope I did the assignment right. I wrote such a dumb answer for the fun fact. But I wrote it with good reason. I’m still having a problem reconfiguring my backpack. I still have no idea what I’m doing. The bus was 15 minutes late I was thinking “Will I  make it on time?” Yes I did with approx 20 minutes to spare. And that included maneuvering through a crowded parking lot.  I’ll give it 2 weeks not including this one. Just to see it thin out.

He said we could have food in class if we didn’t abuse the privilege. I do feel a lot better in the class lecture environment than whatever was going on in that drama class. I forgot about that long ass 3 hour lab class I took in 2008? The teacher said he doesn’t like to be touched. And if he doesn’t touch my hair we’ll be cool. Why do I keep thinking about Seinfeld in class? Last week it was about pretending to have dead relatives and that the teacher wants proof. Would coffin selfies count? George had a Polaroid of him by the coffin to try and get a death in the family discount. This week we were talking about winking and it made me think about the episode The Wink when George got grapefruit in his eye and he could not stop winking. One of the bathroom stalls on the 1st floor has very philosophical graffiti.

I made fun of my dad in class by saying about his ALL CAPS emails. Seriously my dad needs to stop doing that. Elderly or not. Actually it was more making fun of how computer literate he thinks he is and does not need to improve.

I think he is weirder than my speech teacher. But it’s only been 2 weeks. He said we won’t be doing Myers Brigg in class. This INFP feels sad. 😦 He wants to know if we have interesting hobbies. I do sort of, or I think I do? But it’s secret. I try not to start the semester as an open book that is something somebody else would do. I like to have something up my sleeve if I can, but I’m not sure this time since I had drama class with that one girl.

I made a reference to the show Dear John (US version) in class, but it was lost on everyone.

I was really hungry. I should pack more food.

People were talking about this horrible journalism teacher there who was also that horrible poli sci teacher I had when I took it the first time. I said the rate my professor ratings were not a good gauge for her class. He asked me if I used it. Sure I do. I need to know this stuff. And if it has bearing on if I take a class or not. Ok so the rate my professors site has a little bearing on if I take a class or not I’d say somewhere between 40-60%. This is just a random observation, but why does it seem like journalism teachers suck and seem to be “out of it”?

Redundant Overthinking — March 4, 2017

Redundant Overthinking

My teacher gave us an assignment so he can learn about us.  He wants us to tell him our name, to give a fun fact about ourselves, and our guilty pleasure. I wanted them to be different from the ones I gave in class. I don’t want to be that boring. I hate these kind of assignments *whispers* I don’t think I’m all that interesting. Like always I overthink the assignment.

I can’t think of anything! I’m so at a loss for words. Oh great now I’m thinking about the song and music video “Redundant” by Green Day.

I don’t wanna use that I’m an INFP again *rolls eyes*

Maybe if I read over some of my old blogs from my old speech class I would get ideas. I did and nothing really jumped out at me. I’m running out of ideas here!

One of the problems I have is that I don’t want what I give to be used against me. You know like she’s that weird lady who binge watches old game shows. So then I have to be the “class game show expert” or something.

I was not even sure what chapter to read. So I’ll just wing it. As of writing I did start reading the book about 21 pages into it, but I have to read 62 pages. I even took some notes of questionable quality on my reading . Since I don’t really know the guy I have no idea what his teaching style is like.

No wonder he wanted us to print out the syllabus it’s 9 pages long!

Happy Birthday Greg — March 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Greg

So today is Greg Lee’s birthday.

(The rest of this is going to read like an inane fangirl post so if you don’t want to read something like that you have been warned.) Squee! ♥o♥  *swoons* What else can I say about him that I haven’t already said in my numerous blog posts about him? Other than I think he is a very talented individual. Am I losing my touch! Oh no!

Here is some old footage of him interviewing Weird Al on Total Panic. I think it’s funny that he relates to the Stanley character especially if you know about his early career. 😉

Sorry if my typing is poor I hurt one of my fingers closing a window. 😦