Mandatory Fun — April 27, 2017

Mandatory Fun

This entry is not about the Weird Al album, so if you are looking for information on it please go somewhere else.

When I told my mom about the scheme my teacher cooked up my mom agreed it is blackmail. Ok I thought it was just me being crazy or something. Why is this considered “volunteering”? Isn’t volunteering you know voluntary? I just want to say something out against it, but I know I won’t. Out of the 7 professors I’ve had for communications 4 of them have done something like this 4/7 is not a good ratio/fraction. If you don’t want to stereotype yourself or professors in your discipline then don’t do things like this and maybe the students will have a better opinion of you.

I had bought 2 nearly identical notebooks to replace an old dilapidated notebook. Which is hard for me to tell them apart. So my inner 15 year old is going to decorate it with screen caps from the videos of the DVDs I have archived from my tapes.

On an unrelated note that company is still trying to contact me. On Monday they left me a voicemail during class (I keep the phone on silent) I blocked the number, but accidentally called them by accident. I’m still having a hard time working my phone. :/ Then on Wednesday they send me an email. They must really be desperate for people.

My group project seems to be going along well. It’s amazing what you can use for research. Just watch a few tv shows, and you’ve come up with an idea.

Only Shooting Stars Break the Mold — April 24, 2017

Only Shooting Stars Break the Mold

Writers can be so annoying like Mr. Pool from Sabrina; no really some of them are. There’s this guy I mentioned before. All that guy pretty much does is post selfies with his stack of manuscripts. Then he started a kickstarter asking for $50,000 to help fund his books. (which has since been cancelled) I mean he’s no LeVar Burton or anybody like that. I always wondered why people like to document themselves writing? Like with photos and videos and stuff. It’s not like something like say basketball where people can film themselves practicing or something.

I wanted to see if my hard copies can save my ass in class. I actually did the work. I just gave the wrong email address by accident. I should put it in my phone. My school email address is old circa 2010. I even picked old articles for research. That were with in the guidelines. I wondered if I could figure a way out of it.

That girl from my old drama class she’s not as bubbly as she used to be. She just looks so sad. Like all the time. Plus she is always complaining about her job.

This room my class is held in always smells strange. Today it smelled like burnt popcorn. I think it’s near a faculty lounge.

So the class has a mandatory service learning project. Which is helping at a separate graduation for communications students. I really hoped it was not like the graduation ceremony I was also forced to volunteer at as a junior in high school. I got very ambiguous instructions; the high school staff liked to fuck with your mind. This sort of reminds me of the things my teachers would pull on me. Like my old PR teacher who was from Florida. All he ever did was complain about how he missed Florida and brag about being a Seminole alum from Florida State College. He said he was very old and served in World War II. I wonder if he is dead? (I feel this is a valid thought to have) When I thought about it. Mostly that guy and that crazy reporter teacher. Why do they do this? My guess would be free labor. *shrugs* It’s inching to crazy reporter teacher level.

There was another partially voluntary assignment for a different event the school holds. The “punishment” for this one was that if you didn’t sign up you would have to do an extensive research project. As long as I don’t really have to go anywhere I’ll be ok. I figured I’ll probably never have to see this guy again. I can always drop his class if I feel like it “F” or not. I’ll have to live with my mom and feel her wrath over this. Actually “Wrath of Mom” sounds like either a Wrath of Khan knockoff/parody title or a good title for a K-drama. There is a real K-drama called “Mom Has Grown Horns“. I tried to volunteer for this project a few years ago, but there were too many things going on in my family to do it, and I had to not volunteer. I ended up pissing off my speech teacher in the process. If these events are so hard to get volunteers for or whatever why even bother holding them? It kinda seems like blackmail, or maybe I’ve been watching too much Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out. Communications people seem like tricksters looking for unwilling volunteers.

I kept thinking about The Soup Nazi episode in class. Once when the teacher was talking about couples using pet names. I could see Jerry and Sheila saying “shmoopy”, and this quote from Jerry; “See, the way I figure it, it’s much easier to patch things up with Sheila than with the Soup Nazi.”

I have to do a group project about Millennials. Even though I am a Millennial I do like making fun of my own kind. The most Millennial thing my group could think of was Buzzfeed. I hate Buzzfeed now. People don’t really research the articles they write. Especially things like song lists and lists of tv shows. There will be a list called “My favorite songs of 1998”. Then you see something that really doesn’t belong like “Bathwater” by No Doubt or “Waterfalls” by TLC. The quizzes have really become a joke they are dumb things like “Choose your favorite Disney Princess and Brand of Condom and predict your birth year.” There is also a lot of redundancy on the articles on there. There is like a buttload of pretty much the same article about the Delia’s catalogue.

Class didn’t seem as intolerable today.

I did fix my work and uploaded it to the group Google Doc.

Saturday Rant Blog — April 22, 2017

Saturday Rant Blog

What horrible luck! I got a job interview I had to turn down because it was on a Monday anywhere from 10AM-3PM. I really do hate that class and if I was not bogged down with a stupid project I mistakenly gave the wrong email for I really would not have cared. Stupid class! The longer I stay in there the more I dislike it. I have until early May to drop it with a “W” or else I’m stuck in there. It’s a bad class, but it’s still not crazy reporter teacher bad. Actually younger me would have tried to stick it out because I was young and knew my dad would be mad at me for dropping a class. It’s like taboo or something. But after I did with Poli Sci in 2015. I don’t feel so…guilty? I’m not sure that is the right word. :/ The only real problem would be that I would have no classes left to take since I’m only taking one class now. It would be really hard to fake going to school at that time bracket.

I found the ending to Trial and Error very anti-climatic. An owl?! I didn’t watch the whole series anyway. It was too boring. I got bored with it after the 2nd episode. I just wanted to see if he killed her or not.

Episode 19  of Smile Pretty Cure was so sad. It gave me the feels. It was omitted from the Glitter Force dub.

I tried to give the show Barney Miller another try, but I still can’t get into it. I like Night Court and Brooklyn 99 which are considered that series spiritual successors.

You what I don’t like apps that give you too many notifications. If they do and I can’t turn them off I’ll uninstall it. I ain’t got no time for that.

Taco Bell Job Fairs — April 21, 2017

Taco Bell Job Fairs

Since my last blog was about employment just want to say that I really hate job fairs. They are one of the banes of my existence.

School ones are really bad. I think that if the people who are hiring at these things only want to talk to people who are going to graduate within the next few months why not make that qualification or something? They want graduates or prospective ones. Or have the school put on the posters when they put them up and in the email blasts they send and all that. I don’t even bother with them anymore. It would save everybody a lot of time. The students and the companies.

Taco Bell job fairs are even worse. The term comes from this entry. Stephanie comments “Oh, my friend also came up with a nickname for bad job fairs–the Taco Bell Job Fair. This was after he called me complaining that he put on a suit to go to a job fair where the only place hiring was Taco Bell.” I’ve been to a few of them because I was dragged there by my dad. Good thing he is working and does not drag me to those anymore. But when I see ads and signs for job fairs they just make me cringe.

Rat Business — April 20, 2017

Rat Business

I had an abbreviated dealing with this company last year. The furthest I got was the phone call. The guy wanted to leave where I was and immediately go to an interview.

I had seen an ad for the same company or a different location on craigslist about 15 days ago. I remembered my dealings with them before so ignored it.

A few days ago I receive this strange email to contact that company again. I was reminded of my horrible phone call experience. I didn’t mention it in that blog entry but it was hard to hear the guy. The bus was noisy from the motor and from the people in it. I knew what the product was from commercials and stuff. The way the guy described it during that phone call on the bus was all wrong. Which made me think those people really don’t know what they sell.

I was reluctant to reply I remembered what happened last time. I said “Shut up logical thinking! You need money!”

So I get a call from some guy about 4-5 hours after I applied. I’m pretty sure it was the same guy from last year. He described the product wrong again.

He said something about me liking children. I don’t like them very much they are annoying and slightly terrify me. I never said anything about that ever to them. It reminded me of that quote from The Simpsons.

Manager: Do you like kids?

Homer: What? You mean all the time? Even when they’re nuts?

[the interviewer gives him a suspicious look]

Homer: Uh, I sure do.

Then he tells me to check out the app of the thing I’m supposed to sell on my phone. I ain’t puttin’ no stuff in my phone I don’t need or buying apps I don’t need.

He seemed really interested in my job experience which is nothing more than a one day job in 2012. (I should have seen that red flag.)

So he scheduled me for an interview at the mall food court and to look for some lady. At the front of the food court. I was supposed dress professionally and bring all this stuff. Social Security card, License/ID, resume, and bank information. The bank information disturbed me a bit. Because I could be “hired on the spot”.

After I put the companies name in the internet and a whole bunch of bad stuff comes up. That is really not a smart thing to tell people to do if something bad is the first thing that comes up. It was about their hiring practices and that they undervalue their workers.

I thought I should purposely bomb the interview Erica Goldberg style. I figured I’ve bombed so many interviews unintentionally why not purposely do one?

The next morning at 8AM I get a call from the guy reminding me about the interview and all the things I need to bring I was talking to him on the phone with a pretty miffed tone in my voice.

When I get there I see a lot of women. There is nothing to indicate who this person is. NOTHING! No sign (which the guy said she would have). I wasn’t just going to go up to random ladies and ask them if they are the person that is going to interview me. I did that before and it was crazy in a bad way. I remember because the time I did it before I had to look for “the lady with folders”. The first lady I asked back then was the wrong lady.

I blocked the guy’s number.

There is some jewelry store that has been giving me the run around. First I tried to get an interview with them almost exactly 2 months ago. I could not work out the interview time with them twice. Then on April 8 they seem desperate on something I get 2 emails from this place within 5 days of each other. Then I’m told to take a test. Apparently I filled it out wrong. Plus it takes a long time to get back to me. I’m so ready to just tell that place either you want to hire me or not. I’m sick of you giving me the run around.


Personality Journal Blog Entry 16 — April 18, 2017

Personality Journal Blog Entry 16

The next section is about love and crushes so I will only be posting a few things.
I would never date somebody: who doesn’t eat meat
Corniest line: I get so many it’s hard to choose
Then there is a list to build your perfect guy. Most of the things on the list were dumb. I only chose 2; likes dogs and funny. I added my own “meat eater”.
Do I believe in love at first sight? It’s possible
Do my parents allow me to date? Why or why not? They should I’m already 33.

I Have Cabbage Patch Dolls Older Than You —

I Have Cabbage Patch Dolls Older Than You

There are a lot of old things in this blog. (I messed up again and forgot to post this earlier)

I noticed that old rabbit I found in my storage space was made by Easter Unlimited.

There is just something about my teacher I don’t like that I can’t place. But it is not something uncontrollable like race or anything like that.

He gave us vague ass instructions for an assignment and then docked us for it. I feel like I’m in 3rd grade all over again. Maybe I should binge watch some season 2 episodes of “World” to feel better? I know I’ll eat something nostalgic.

I find the class to be a whole new level of boring like that old ABC kids promotion from the 1990s that was called A Whole New Level of Fun. It’s not math boring, but it is pretty boring. Math is in it’s own category. Which must be really bad since I usually don’t find communications classes boring.

image host
I found a bag of Paws at the store and I had to buy them. So nostalgic. The thing I liked about the old Paws was that they were somewhere in texture between the puffs and the Cheetos and had that fun little paw/foot shape.

When I got to class I was really trying to figure it out. The lectures are just terrible not the content, but for some reason they just don’t keep my attention. There is also a lot of down time in there.

We took the Myers Brigg test in class. I was hoping to get INFP. I wrote this in my notes before taking the test. “Let’s see if I get the INFP”. That is the answer I get. That girl from my former drama class said she got IXXJ. I would have thought she would have been EXXX. That annoying guy from out old class was definitely an EXXX

We got put into groups and we compared our results. I know a lot about the different types and how they complement the different personalities and how they get grouped into fours. I know this stuff. and the engram too. My group had an INFJ and and ENFP. I think the first time I took the test somewhere between 2012-2014 I got INFJ. Then when I retook it 5  times between 2015 and now I’ve consistently got INFP. I read a bunch of different websites on the topics, so I know the popular/main ones. My group members thought that was funny. I guess I know my personalty type.

I was trying to talk with the group but people kept cutting me off. I usually hold it in. The guy in the group told me to continue. It’s somewhat of a bad habit.  The guy tells me “I like you you’re funny”. Oookay… I wasn’t trying to be funny at all. I’ve just been in college for a long time and I know things. I’ve been to the giant lecture hall, taken another 3 hour class, took a 3 day a week one hour class, and watch somebody be startled by teacher trying to wake somebody up. That guy was complaining that he went to college in another state and the credits didn’t transfer. That is the one thing I do not know about since I have only gone to college in one state. Usually most of the credits transfer unless you go to a trade school or your school loses accreditation. That guy says about how old he is because he is 23. I causally say that I’m older than him. He pats my shoulder and says “I was born in 1994.” I said something like “try 10 years before that!” I think he thought I was joking or something. I imagined myself being 10 in 1994 because I was. Do I really look that young? If I really do I should get an acting job playing a high schooler.

I guess that math teacher was horrible I’ve heard 3 other people complain about her. They say she does the problems too fast. Good I thought I was the only one. Perhaps it wasn’t the class, but the teacher.

At first I was upset about the group thinking I was way younger, but I decided to roll with it. The only person in the class who might know how old I am would be that girl from my former drama class because  I mentioned it a few times.

We were going to make a Google Docs file. I don’t like to use my personal gmail address that’s where I keep my class blog entries when I write them in my phone. I used my school address, but I couldn’t remember it well. Then I accidentally wrote a curse word. It made that “old guy” laugh. My old lady eyes couldn’t see the keys. The person had one of those fancy keyboard overlays that was marble print. The marbling was really dark over some of the keys. Now the members can’t contact me. Oh well I’ll think of something. I hope.

We got the grade for our presentation. My group got a 90, so I’m satisfied.

On the ride home I thought what was I doing when I was his age? Let’s see 2007…? Wasn’t I taking that Japanese class? That’s right and that one annoying girl assumed everybody in the class aside form the teacher and some elderly man were born in the year of the snake? I want to say snake, but it was definitely not my Chinese zodiac year. Which was strangely similar. After I thought about it I have Cabbage Patch dolls older than that guy.

I tried the Paws after school and they tasted terrible. They tasted nothing like they did the first time around.
image host
image host
Even the re-purposed shape used for the Halloween Cheetos were better. I miss you old Paws. 😦
image host

An Old Timey Easter Blog — April 16, 2017

An Old Timey Easter Blog

I was thinking about things you don’t see for Easter anymore. Most of these pictures came from Pinterest or from an old Oriental Trading catalog from Easter 1994. Warning this is a picture heavy blog.

image host
You don’t see the flocked bunnies anymore.

Or chenille chicks.
image host
image host
image host

Or sugar eggs.
image host
image host
image host

What ever happened to inflatables for Easter? I know that sounds a little strange. I’m talking about the inflatable bunnies and eggs. You just don’t see those anymore.
image host
image host
image host
I used to have a rabbit like that pink one in the picture above.

image host
image host
image host
image host
image host
image host
I wrote about them last year.
image host
I found this little bunny when I was cleaning out my storage space. I forgot when I bought it. (please excuse the picture quality I took it with my phone)

Finally somebody posted that Glitter Eggs commercial to youtube!
I made 4 screen caps of it.
image host
image host
image host
image host
It appears they still make egg decorating kits.
image host
image host
I had those one year they were a pain to work with, and after that Easter I was banned from having Glitter Eggs. My eggs looked nothing like the ones from the commercial, but back then I was too young to know they would not look like that.
My mom was a stay at home mom so she would be around when I would watch tv.
This is the way it would go down a lot.
Me: (watching tv yelling to my mom in another room) I want that! (pointing to the tv)
My Mom: Huh?
Commercial comes back on later. I call for my mom to come
Me: (pointing at tv) I want that!
My mom: No!

Another thing you don’t really see anymore is kawaii Easter and spring stationary.
image host
image host
image host

I threw in some Lisa Frank Easter stickers for good measure. I know I had the ones with the bears and this one.
image host
image host
image host
I liked how she recycled the everyday designs. I don’t specifically remembering having these stickers, but they look familiar.
image host

Spring Broken — April 14, 2017

Spring Broken

Part of me feels like I didn’t get anything done during this Spring Break. It felt like a rash of never ending bad luck.

About the only thing I did was clean out my storage space.

I found a lot of old and good stuff and also a bunch of junk. I found my old planner which I remember why I stopped using it. I could never find refills in the stores for them especially blank monthly refills. Maybe I can find some kind of printable template or something. I found my old Velcro Dodgers wallet Which I can keep with my cold tampons. Remember “It’s never too Late for Now”.


1997 Songs —

1997 Songs

There was a lot of good music released in 1997. this is more of a list of favorite songs from that year that i did not mention in my previous blog. I tried to make it a mix of genres, but mostly alternative/modern rock which was what I listened to at the time. (I’m mostly going by USA release singles.)

“Sunday Morning” by No Doubt
“My Town” by Buck-O-Nine
“Claire Danes Poster” Size 14
“Summertime” by The Sundays
“One Night Stand” by Homegrown
“Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind
image host
“Foolish Games” by Jewel
“Bitch” by Meredith Brooks
“Change the World” Eric Clapton
“Tubthumping” Chumbawamba
“Your Woman” Whitetown
“Barbie Girl” by Aqua
image host
“Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia
“A Change Would do you Good” by Sheryl Crow
“Oh a just a little bit” by Gina G
“Da Funk” by Daft Punk
“Royal Oil” by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
image host
“Criminal” by Fiona Apple
“Fly” by Sugar Ray
image host
“Dammit” by Blink-182
image host
“This Lonely Place” by Goldfinger
“Lucky Man” by The Verve song (I like this song better than “Bittersweet Symphony”)
“Everything to Everyone” and “I Will Buy You a New Life” by Everclear
“Wrong Number” by The Cure
“D’You Know What I Mean?” by Oasis
“Monkey Wrench” by Foo Fighters
“Hitchin’ a ride” “Good Riddance (Time of your life)” Green Day
“Battle of Who Could Care Less” by Ben Folds Five
“Clumsy” by Our Lady peace
“I Choose” The Offspring (one of my favorite songs by them, a very underrated song)
image host
“Resignation Superman” by Big Head Todd and the Monsters
image host
“The New Pollution” by Beck
“Richard III”, “Sun hits the Sky” and “Late in the Day” by Supergrass
“Touch my Fuzz” by Chopper One
image host
“Nightlife” by Kenickie
image host
“I Want You” by Savage Garden
“Sweet Shop Avengerz” “Tell it to the Kids” by Bis
image host
“Brimful of Asha” by Cornershop
“Going out of my Head” by Fatboy slim
“Hypnotize” by The Notorious B.I.G.
“M.O.R.” by Blur
“I Miss You” by Bjork