There are a lot of old things in this blog. (I messed up again and forgot to post this earlier)

I noticed that old rabbit I found in my storage space was made by Easter Unlimited.

There is just something about my teacher I don’t like that I can’t place. But it is not something uncontrollable like race or anything like that.

He gave us vague ass instructions for an assignment and then docked us for it. I feel like I’m in 3rd grade all over again. Maybe I should binge watch some season 2 episodes of “World” to feel better? I know I’ll eat something nostalgic.

I find the class to be a whole new level of boring like that old ABC kids promotion from the 1990s that was called A Whole New Level of Fun. It’s not math boring, but it is pretty boring. Math is in it’s own category. Which must be really bad since I usually don’t find communications classes boring.

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I found a bag of Paws at the store and I had to buy them. So nostalgic. The thing I liked about the old Paws was that they were somewhere in texture between the puffs and the Cheetos and had that fun little paw/foot shape.

When I got to class I was really trying to figure it out. The lectures are just terrible not the content, but for some reason they just don’t keep my attention. There is also a lot of down time in there.

We took the Myers Brigg test in class. I was hoping to get INFP. I wrote this in my notes before taking the test. “Let’s see if I get the INFP”. That is the answer I get. That girl from my former drama class said she got IXXJ. I would have thought she would have been EXXX. That annoying guy from out old class was definitely an EXXX

We got put into groups and we compared our results. I know a lot about the different types and how they complement the different personalities and how they get grouped into fours. I know this stuff. and the engram too. My group had an INFJ and and ENFP. I think the first time I took the test somewhere between 2012-2014 I got INFJ. Then when I retook it 5  times between 2015 and now I’ve consistently got INFP. I read a bunch of different websites on the topics, so I know the popular/main ones. My group members thought that was funny. I guess I know my personalty type.

I was trying to talk with the group but people kept cutting me off. I usually hold it in. The guy in the group told me to continue. It’s somewhat of a bad habit.  The guy tells me “I like you you’re funny”. Oookay… I wasn’t trying to be funny at all. I’ve just been in college for a long time and I know things. I’ve been to the giant lecture hall, taken another 3 hour class, took a 3 day a week one hour class, and watch somebody be startled by teacher trying to wake somebody up. That guy was complaining that he went to college in another state and the credits didn’t transfer. That is the one thing I do not know about since I have only gone to college in one state. Usually most of the credits transfer unless you go to a trade school or your school loses accreditation. That guy says about how old he is because he is 23. I causally say that I’m older than him. He pats my shoulder and says “I was born in 1994.” I said something like “try 10 years before that!” I think he thought I was joking or something. I imagined myself being 10 in 1994 because I was. Do I really look that young? If I really do I should get an acting job playing a high schooler.

I guess that math teacher was horrible I’ve heard 3 other people complain about her. They say she does the problems too fast. Good I thought I was the only one. Perhaps it wasn’t the class, but the teacher.

At first I was upset about the group thinking I was way younger, but I decided to roll with it. The only person in the class who might know how old I am would be that girl from my former drama class because  I mentioned it a few times.

We were going to make a Google Docs file. I don’t like to use my personal gmail address that’s where I keep my class blog entries when I write them in my phone. I used my school address, but I couldn’t remember it well. Then I accidentally wrote a curse word. It made that “old guy” laugh. My old lady eyes couldn’t see the keys. The person had one of those fancy keyboard overlays that was marble print. The marbling was really dark over some of the keys. Now the members can’t contact me. Oh well I’ll think of something. I hope.

We got the grade for our presentation. My group got a 90, so I’m satisfied.

On the ride home I thought what was I doing when I was his age? Let’s see 2007…? Wasn’t I taking that Japanese class? That’s right and that one annoying girl assumed everybody in the class aside form the teacher and some elderly man were born in the year of the snake? I want to say snake, but it was definitely not my Chinese zodiac year. Which was strangely similar. After I thought about it I have Cabbage Patch dolls older than that guy.

I tried the Paws after school and they tasted terrible. They tasted nothing like they did the first time around.
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Even the re-purposed shape used for the Halloween Cheetos were better. I miss you old Paws. 😦
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