I had an abbreviated dealing with this company last year. The furthest I got was the phone call. The guy wanted to leave where I was and immediately go to an interview.

I had seen an ad for the same company or a different location on craigslist about 15 days ago. I remembered my dealings with them before so ignored it.

A few days ago I receive this strange email to contact that company again. I was reminded of my horrible phone call experience. I didn’t mention it in that blog entry but it was hard to hear the guy. The bus was noisy from the motor and from the people in it. I knew what the product was from commercials and stuff. The way the guy described it during that phone call on the bus was all wrong. Which made me think those people really don’t know what they sell.

I was reluctant to reply I remembered what happened last time. I said “Shut up logical thinking! You need money!”

So I get a call from some guy about 4-5 hours after I applied. I’m pretty sure it was the same guy from last year. He described the product wrong again.

He said something about me liking children. I don’t like them very much they are annoying and slightly terrify me. I never said anything about that ever to them. It reminded me of that quote from The Simpsons.

Manager: Do you like kids?

Homer: What? You mean all the time? Even when they’re nuts?

[the interviewer gives him a suspicious look]

Homer: Uh, I sure do.

Then he tells me to check out the app of the thing I’m supposed to sell on my phone. I ain’t puttin’ no stuff in my phone I don’t need or buying apps I don’t need.

He seemed really interested in my job experience which is nothing more than a one day job in 2012. (I should have seen that red flag.)

So he scheduled me for an interview at the mall food court and to look for some lady. At the front of the food court. I was supposed dress professionally and bring all this stuff. Social Security card, License/ID, resume, and bank information. The bank information disturbed me a bit. Because I could be “hired on the spot”.

After I put the companies name in the internet and a whole bunch of bad stuff comes up. That is really not a smart thing to tell people to do if something bad is the first thing that comes up. It was about their hiring practices and that they undervalue their workers.

I thought I should purposely bomb the interview Erica Goldberg style. I figured I’ve bombed so many interviews unintentionally why not purposely do one?

The next morning at 8AM I get a call from the guy reminding me about the interview and all the things I need to bring I was talking to him on the phone with a pretty miffed tone in my voice.

When I get there I see a lot of women. There is nothing to indicate who this person is. NOTHING! No sign (which the guy said she would have). I wasn’t just going to go up to random ladies and ask them if they are the person that is going to interview me. I did that before and it was crazy in a bad way. I remember because the time I did it before I had to look for “the lady with folders”. The first lady I asked back then was the wrong lady.

I blocked the guy’s number.

There is some jewelry store that has been giving me the run around. First I tried to get an interview with them almost exactly 2 months ago. I could not work out the interview time with them twice. Then on April 8 they seem desperate on something I get 2 emails from this place within 5 days of each other. Then I’m told to take a test. Apparently I filled it out wrong. Plus it takes a long time to get back to me. I’m so ready to just tell that place either you want to hire me or not. I’m sick of you giving me the run around.