Since my last blog was about employment just want to say that I really hate job fairs. They are one of the banes of my existence.

School ones are really bad. I think that if the people who are hiring at these things only want to talk to people who are going to graduate within the next few months why not make that qualification or something? They want graduates or prospective ones. Or have the school put on the posters when they put them up and in the email blasts they send and all that. I don’t even bother with them anymore. It would save everybody a lot of time. The students and the companies.

Taco Bell job fairs are even worse. The term comes from this entry. Stephanie comments “Oh, my friend also came up with a nickname for bad job fairs–the Taco Bell Job Fair. This was after he called me complaining that he put on a suit to go to a job fair where the only place hiring was Taco Bell.” I’ve been to a few of them because I was dragged there by my dad. Good thing he is working and does not drag me to those anymore. But when I see ads and signs for job fairs they just make me cringe.