What horrible luck! I got a job interview I had to turn down because it was on a Monday anywhere from 10AM-3PM. I really do hate that class and if I was not bogged down with a stupid project I mistakenly gave the wrong email for I really would not have cared. Stupid class! The longer I stay in there the more I dislike it. I have until early May to drop it with a “W” or else I’m stuck in there. It’s a bad class, but it’s still not crazy reporter teacher bad. Actually younger me would have tried to stick it out because I was young and knew my dad would be mad at me for dropping a class. It’s like taboo or something. But after I did with Poli Sci in 2015. I don’t feel so…guilty? I’m not sure that is the right word. :/ The only real problem would be that I would have no classes left to take since I’m only taking one class now. It would be really hard to fake going to school at that time bracket.

I found the ending to Trial and Error very anti-climatic. An owl?! I didn’t watch the whole series anyway. It was too boring. I got bored with it after the 2nd episode. I just wanted to see if he killed her or not.

Episode 19  of Smile Pretty Cure was so sad. It gave me the feels. It was omitted from the Glitter Force dub.

I tried to give the show Barney Miller another try, but I still can’t get into it. I like Night Court and Brooklyn 99 which are considered that series spiritual successors.

You what I don’t like apps that give you too many notifications. If they do and I can’t turn them off I’ll uninstall it. I ain’t got no time for that.