Writers can be so annoying like Mr. Pool from Sabrina; no really some of them are. There’s this guy I mentioned before. All that guy pretty much does is post selfies with his stack of manuscripts. Then he started a kickstarter asking for $50,000 to help fund his books. (which has since been cancelled) I mean he’s no LeVar Burton or anybody like that. I always wondered why people like to document themselves writing? Like with photos and videos and stuff. It’s not like something like say basketball where people can film themselves practicing or something.

I wanted to see if my hard copies can save my ass in class. I actually did the work. I just gave the wrong email address by accident. I should put it in my phone. My school email address is old circa 2010. I even picked old articles for research. That were with in the guidelines. I wondered if I could figure a way out of it.

That girl from my old drama class she’s not as bubbly as she used to be. She just looks so sad. Like all the time. Plus she is always complaining about her job.

This room my class is held in always smells strange. Today it smelled like burnt popcorn. I think it’s near a faculty lounge.

So the class has a mandatory service learning project. Which is helping at a separate graduation for communications students. I really hoped it was not like the graduation ceremony I was also forced to volunteer at as a junior in high school. I got very ambiguous instructions; the high school staff liked to fuck with your mind. This sort of reminds me of the things my teachers would pull on me. Like my old PR teacher who was from Florida. All he ever did was complain about how he missed Florida and brag about being a Seminole alum from Florida State College. He said he was very old and served in World War II. I wonder if he is dead? (I feel this is a valid thought to have) When I thought about it. Mostly that guy and that crazy reporter teacher. Why do they do this? My guess would be free labor. *shrugs* It’s inching to crazy reporter teacher level.

There was another partially voluntary assignment for a different event the school holds. The “punishment” for this one was that if you didn’t sign up you would have to do an extensive research project. As long as I don’t really have to go anywhere I’ll be ok. I figured I’ll probably never have to see this guy again. I can always drop his class if I feel like it “F” or not. I’ll have to live with my mom and feel her wrath over this. Actually “Wrath of Mom” sounds like either a Wrath of Khan knockoff/parody title or a good title for a K-drama. There is a real K-drama called “Mom Has Grown Horns“. I tried to volunteer for this project a few years ago, but there were too many things going on in my family to do it, and I had to not volunteer. I ended up pissing off my speech teacher in the process. If these events are so hard to get volunteers for or whatever why even bother holding them? It kinda seems like blackmail, or maybe I’ve been watching too much Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out. Communications people seem like tricksters looking for unwilling volunteers.

I kept thinking about The Soup Nazi episode in class. Once when the teacher was talking about couples using pet names. I could see Jerry and Sheila saying “shmoopy”, and this quote from Jerry; “See, the way I figure it, it’s much easier to patch things up with Sheila than with the Soup Nazi.”

I have to do a group project about Millennials. Even though I am a Millennial I do like making fun of my own kind. The most Millennial thing my group could think of was Buzzfeed. I hate Buzzfeed now. People don’t really research the articles they write. Especially things like song lists and lists of tv shows. There will be a list called “My favorite songs of 1998”. Then you see something that really doesn’t belong like “Bathwater” by No Doubt or “Waterfalls” by TLC. The quizzes have really become a joke they are dumb things like “Choose your favorite Disney Princess and Brand of Condom and predict your birth year.” There is also a lot of redundancy on the articles on there. There is like a buttload of pretty much the same article about the Delia’s catalogue.

Class didn’t seem as intolerable today.

I did fix my work and uploaded it to the group Google Doc.