This entry is not about the Weird Al album, so if you are looking for information on it please go somewhere else.

When I told my mom about the scheme my teacher cooked up my mom agreed it is blackmail. Ok I thought it was just me being crazy or something. Why is this considered “volunteering”? Isn’t volunteering you know voluntary? I just want to say something out against it, but I know I won’t. Out of the 7 professors I’ve had for communications 4 of them have done something like this 4/7 is not a good ratio/fraction. If you don’t want to stereotype yourself or professors in your discipline then don’t do things like this and maybe the students will have a better opinion of you.

I had bought 2 nearly identical notebooks to replace an old dilapidated notebook. Which is hard for me to tell them apart. So my inner 15 year old is going to decorate it with screen caps from the videos of the DVDs I have archived from my tapes.

On an unrelated note that company is still trying to contact me. On Monday they left me a voicemail during class (I keep the phone on silent) I blocked the number, but accidentally called them by accident. I’m still having a hard time working my phone. :/ Then on Wednesday they send me an email. They must really be desperate for people.

My group project seems to be going along well. It’s amazing what you can use for research. Just watch a few tv shows, and you’ve come up with an idea.