Does this Remind you of Anything? — April 12, 2017

Does this Remind you of Anything?

The first time I saw those Spacepop characters on the website I thought “Luna and Hera look like Stella and Draculaura.” Here they are for comparison.
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image host
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image host

Juno reminded of this Mystixx Vampire Siva.
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image host
The pose is very similar.

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image host
This bird strangely resembles pikachu.
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Those LOL dolls remind me of the
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CUTIE figures in a way who were the female counterpart to the
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MUSCLE men figures. Especially the Bitsy Baby collection.
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Spring Break 2017? — April 10, 2017

Spring Break 2017?

There is no blog about class because I didn’t go to school today. My mom pointed out that I got my spring break. I didn’t really do anything interesting. Just clean out the storage space. That is the problem with my school is that they don’t have a spring break because they start the semester so late. I wish they started it a bit earlier like the week after Valentine’s Day. Because junior college people can be really catty about Valentine’s Day.

1997 music (the albums I owned) — April 6, 2017

1997 music (the albums I owned)

Since the year 1997 was 20 years ago and boy does that make me feel old! That year had a big impact on my life in many ways. I was 13 back then and junior high.

I had written a long list of things that I liked/remembered from that year, but it was way too long. So I decided to divide it up into categories.

There was a lot of good music.

Here are some of the albums I have from that year.
image host
“The Fury of the Aquabats!” by the Aquabats
image host
“It Means Everything” by Save Ferris

“Retreat from the Sun” that dog.
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“Transistor” by 311
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“Eight Arms to Hold You” by Veruca Salt
image host
“The Fourth World” by Kara’s Flowers
image host
the Grosse Pointe Blank soundtrack

Many of these albums I had on cassette. I had cassette copies of the Aquabats’, Save Ferris’ Veruca Salt’s, and the Grosse Pointe Blank soundtrack.

“The Fury of the Aquabats!” and “It Means Everything” were helping me expand my 3rd wave ska collection. I didn’t get “Retreat from the Sun” until the early 2000s when I found a used copy. I just love the music video for “Never Say Never” which in regular rotation on the local music video show Are-oh-Vee. I also found this interesting article about the band reuniting. It’s from the LA Times so I’m not sure if everybody can read the article.
The appeal of “Transistor” was that it had 21 songs on it. I love the album “Eight Arms to Hold You”. I remember in 2010 I bought a CD copy of  it off amazon. I didn’t get “The Fourth World” until 2003 or somewhere around there because Warner re-released it because of the popularity of Maroon 5. I had been looking for a copy since about late 1998 early 1999. When I fell in love with the “Soap Disco” video that was also in regular rotation on Are-oh-Vee. This was back when they were promoting the Stagg Street Recordings. My cousin had a copy of the Grosse Pointe Blank soundtrack and I really liked it. It’s not really current music. This was around the time I was getting into 2-tone ska. I used to listen to “Pressure Drop”, “Mirror in the Bathroom” and “Blister in the Sun”.

Here are some of the hit songs off these albums.

“Super Rad!” by The Aquabats

“The World is New” by Save Ferris

“Come on Elieen” covered by Save Ferris

“Never Say Never” by that dog.

“Transistor” by 311

“Prisoner” by 311

“Beautiful Disaster” by 311

“Volcano Girls” by Veruca Salt

“Soap Disco” Kara’s Flowers

April 2017 Miscellaneous Blog — April 5, 2017

April 2017 Miscellaneous Blog

After I thought about it I’ll keep the buy button there for as long as I see fit. I’ll see how it goes with that thing.

I realized over the past month my body not can process bacon like it used to. For now I’ve stopped eating bacon. I think I’ve lost my taste for it a little in the process.

Payless Shoes is having trouble. Where am I going to buy cheap ugly shoes now? The discount stores (Walmart, Target and Kmart) don’t have a good selection. I’m upset.

I saw a new episode of World has been posted to youtube.

I had to watch it! Which I used for “research” for an upcoming assignment. There is something I want to rip off from the show. But I won’t say what yet until I get all the details for the assignment. I was thinking about the show on Monday in class because I was bored and watching a heist movie and it made me think about the show. I was thinking about other things too though like nachos and clothes. A 3 hour class can really make your mind wander. I used to think about the show Street Smarts during my 3 hour sociology class.

Noticing a pattern here?

90s Oldies — April 4, 2017

90s Oldies

I tried to post this yesterday but wordpress was having problems.

I stayed up late writing for fun. Which I really shouldn’t have. I haven’t really done it in a while since I’ve been trying to clean out my storage space.

When I woke up I saw Light TV was missing from my channels and I was pissed. I scanned the channels and everything but it was gone. It eventually came back. About an hour after that I checked their facebook page and others were complaining about it too. I forgot today was opening day for MLB baseball. I only realized it when I saw it on the news.

I decided to wear one of my Sailor Moon shirts. I was wearing my red Minako bow. It looks good in my longer hair. It took a while to style my hair properly. But I was a little late because of it. When I was finished I looked at my Sailor Moon poster.

I thought I missed the bus but I think it was an early late bus. That bus was really late. But the one that was a little late was not that crowded. There was this blind man complaining on the bus. He kept complaining about being blind and riding a shuttle or something.

I forgot basketball was on today. The Puppy Predictors from Jimmy Fallon were wrong Oregon didn’t win. They aren’t that accurate. What is their record for all things they predict?

My instincts worked we did meet before class. But I wasn’t sure. Good thing I sat on a bench. I thought my long list would make up for time. I feel there were a few mistakes. But I don’t mind. I feel lazy and somewhat apathetic. :/ I had timed myself at 2 minutes.

The hot glue hack backpack strap came off on one side but I’ll see if it holds up or if I have to fix it again. Maybe there is something I don’t know about. They aren’t slipping though, so I won’t complain.

I didn’t practice much. Most of the group didn’t I think I have the most to say but it is a list. Me and that girl. Remembered all the things our old teacher told us. All the public speaking tips I remembered. He was a good teacher if I remembered all that or even bothered to. I really think he made an impact on me. I forgot about the plain t shirt thing.

I think the presentation went ok I think I was reading from the card too much. It was funny when another group was presenting and one of the members said they are old because they were a sophomore in 2009. He was saying about how Skype only came out in 2009. I was one 10 years before that in 1999. So if my math is correct that person would be anywhere between 21-23 years old. *says in an old lady voice* Smartphones didn’t even exist back when I was a sophomore the best thing was a Nokia 5190 that you could play snake on. According to the Wikipedia Skype has been around since 2003.

Do I really look that youthful? I should not flatter myself. The teacher said as a whole the class did well. So I felt relieved. As long as I don’t get a big fat “F” or anything like that. Next week’s class is cancelled, so I get to do the fun and glamorous job of cleaning out my storage space. Too bad he couldn’t get my old teacher to sub 😞 Oh well I need to get caught up on my reading anyway.

The bathroom on the floor I was on was locked for some reason. So I had to go down stairs to the one in the lower floor. I almost tripped going down the stairs, but I tried to play it cool.

On the ride home I listened to some 1990s oldies; “Closing Time” by Semisonic, “Enough” and “Mr. Blue” by Dance Hall Crashers and “Come Original” by 311.

When I came back home from school the channel was gone again.