Night Court? That’s an old show — May 31, 2017

Night Court? That’s an old show

When I was checking my email I saw one from The AV Club. I was reading the email in a crowded super market. I said “‘Night Court’? Why are they writing about that? That’s an old show.”

The article said that the finale aired on May 31 1992. That was 25 years ago. Which would have been the episode “The 1992 Boat Show”.

Here is the article if you want to read it.

I still feel it takes a certain kind of person to appreciate Night Court. When I was a kid and watched the show in syndication in 3rd or 4th grade. The show would have ended by the time I was watching it 1-2 years later. But that was the nice ripe age when my “weirdness” started to set in. I like the physical humor better than the other jokes that went over my head at the time. I don’t know I like absurd stuff for some reason. Although the internet and absurdness has been taken to a whole other level. Which I don’t appreciate. The internet makes things so random now.

Monty Potter would disagree.

It’s essentially an ensemble show like Newsradio and Brooklyn 99.

I’ve already written about this show numerous times so I won’t go into a long blog post.

Writer Selfies — May 29, 2017

Writer Selfies

Since today is a holiday I obliviously didn’t go to school today. I don’t have anything to blog about that happened during class.

Think of this entry as tips for the poser budding writer. (Or somebody who just wants to look like one)

Take lots of pics of yourself writing. Sitting at a desk with a pen or pencil. Or at a computer either at home or a public place like Starbucks. It reminds me of that scene from Family Guy of people doing this. They are just writing at the Starbucks so other people can see them. Posing with manuscripts. You could really fake it and pose with a stack of blank paper. Don’t forget to post pictures of all your writing tools, notebooks, computers, pens, your writing music and your writing food.

Also posting a list of writing goals. Which is not entirely a bad thing. But if you don’t meet those people get on your case or think you are all talk. Actually this whole subject of posting goals could be a whole blog entry all on it’s own.

Or even better vlog about this.

What should my writing goals be? I know! Write. Write. And write some more. Oh yeah and input more of what I write in the computer. I have all these stories I wrote on paper that need to be typed up.

Smokey Baby — May 26, 2017

Smokey Baby

I guess this all started yesterday night when some random people came to our apartment at 11PM knocking the door and ringing the bell.

If that wasn’t enough the smoke detector in my room kept going off like every hour. There was nothing on fire. Nobody could get any sleep so we disconnected it. My mom said it was like trying to sleep with a baby that keeps waking up.

I guess they thought somebody else lived here. They left a bunch of junk there.


This person really only cares about the business they run and not really about class which is fine except we always have to be on that person’s schedule.

I hate this class! This class is going down in my worst classes in/of college file. I really should have dropped it when I had the chance.

Naming Names — May 25, 2017

Naming Names

My mom upset because she thinks a store is closing. Good! (this is the store I had the yelp spat with an employee) There are much better be it a little more expensive stores in the area.

Then mysteriously around the time I was “reported” to yelp. These glowing reviews of that same employee that name that person by name appear within 15 days of each other. Something really doesn’t smell right here.

Plus yelp is very inconstant about people putting the names of people in their reviews. Why is it ok to say something like “Alice was so helpful at the Hot Topic. Great cashier! And so stylish too!” But you are not allowed to write “Tom was a terrible waiter. He spilled red wine on my new white jeans, and gave me a roast beef when I ordered chicken.”

Honestly I don’t care if that store closes. It really sucks. They never have the food I eat in stock. This has been a problem since 2011 when my family started shopping there. And this problem with yelp and that employee just upped my disdain for that store. I wouldn’t want to shop there if they sold 25¢ lobster tails everyday of the week. FUCK THEM!

Personality Journal Blog Entry 18 — May 24, 2017

Personality Journal Blog Entry 18

The next section is about travel. I don’t travel much so I’ll combine the sections.

Favorite country I’ve visited and why: I’ve never left the USA
Number of states I’ve visited: 2 (Nevada and Arizona. And I have seen most of California the 3rd largest state in the USA)
Favorite beach vacation: I can go to the beach locally it’s 40 miles or so away.
Vacation from hell: Laughlin, NV
The best thing about being on vacation: cable tv

Converting Pants Sizes — May 22, 2017

Converting Pants Sizes

Before class I ran into somebody from my group, but I really needed to use the toilet. I had been holding it in since I got on the bus. I didn’t want to be rude like that.

We spent most of the time working on the graduation. We were told only 4 people had RSVPed so far. Only 4 people? When we started working on it I really had to go to the toilet again. I drank too much cola.

Somebody in the group asked what music we listen to. Somebody said “indie” I hate to be a downer here, but that is so vague. Actually I don’t even know what qualifies as indie anymore. Then he asked me. Not trying to be too overt about my age I said “90s music”. I could be in an old people react video. (but not elders)  I listen to old music people have never heard of. Lol xox @0@ it’s hard to find emoticons that truly express how I feel. A lot of music people listen to now sounds like noise. Lots of wubs and beats dropping.

The only thing the guy could think of was old Madonna songs. He said “name a Madonna song.” The only one I could think of was “Holiday”(which is an 80s song BTW) The only reason it came to me was because I had to perform that song for a school show and told the group members that for some reason. Then he started playing “Vogue” and really getting into it. Then the teacher came in to check on us, and I really thought he was going to say something about the music.

They started playing this Early 2000s hits youtube playlist.



Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis (I remembered that song but forgot who sung it), Black Eyed Peas, Hoobastank somebody said that song reminded them of the  4th grade.  What was I listening to in 4th grade? “Rump Shaker”? I think the song “Back in the day”. Yeah that sounds about right. Plain White Tees reminds me of when was a mopey 20 something year old. There was some Kelly Clarkson. I was talking about Outkast and the song “Hey Ya!”. They didn’t know what I was talking about. But when they heard the song they knew it. Justin Timberlake songs remind me of freshman year of college. His music videos were always on in the student union.

They were complaining that they needed to buy $75 worth of clothes to get free gifts and shipping. They reminded me of Weird Al in “First World Problems”. I could see him taking the poodle out of the box in my mind. The problem was the pants sizes were in ladies size; even numbers. I was trying to explain how to convert pants sizes from juniors to ladies. And inches. The easy way to remember juniors sizes from ladies is juniors is in odd numbers and ladies are in even numbers. Inches are a bit trickier because it depends on the cut of the pants and all that. Somebody else said I know a lot.

I don’t know what is in style. If you have see the way I dress IRL you’d know that. I looked like I stepped out of the 90s. Wearing baggy pants and stuff like that. Sometimes I think I dress so badly somebody from a tv show is going to pull me off the street and tell me how terrible I dress. I asked where she buys her other clothes and she said Asian fashion stores.

When I came back from using the toilet I heard “Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani, and I immediately recognize the song. They don’t know how much I love Gwen Stefani. After that song a Vertical Horizon came on; “Everything you Want” which like nobody remembers. Not just from my group, but in general. That is an old song from when I was in high school.

When “Promiscuous Girl” came on it reminds me of that MadTV skit; “Syphilis Girl”.  Avril songs remind me of my freshman year of college. Tried somebody’s coffee it was too strong I’m not used to it. I don’t drink coffee. I like my Mt Dew and black tea.

That song “Music” played by Madonna that is such a 2000 song. That was another song that was popular when I was in high school.

The Moulin Rouge song “Lady Marmalade” was the song from my junior prom I’m so old. I’d be even older if it was the LaBelle version from 1974. If anybody was high school age back in 1974 they’d be pretty old. Back then I was -10.

We were told we have to dress up, and we should come because they need people to make it look “fuller” Why not just take pics and Photoshop put in more people like they do on famous tv shows?

In my other groups we were asking each other’s ages. Somebody else in that group is 30. I didn’t feel so bad being an old person in the group. But I was still the oldest one. People really don’t believe I’m 33.

I got a collective “C”on that Millennials project the teacher wrote back as feedback that “the old guy” was ranting and going off track, and that the whole group needed to practice more.

When I got one of my solo assignments back I was busted for using fake names on it. I think I went a little too far by using the names of characters from the show Community.

Somebody in my other group was complaining about having to be married to their job. I wish I had that problem. Or any kind of problem relating to having a job.

With all the food we ordered I thought if nobody really comes to the event I could do what Dan did in an episode of Night Court. When he was The Phantom and ate a bunch of shrimp.

Later I found my shirts from one of those stores.


Lumpy Writing — May 20, 2017

Lumpy Writing

Here are my tips and tricks for journal ephemera. A lot of good resources are meal packaging like Happy Meal boxes just make sure they are not too greasy. Pamphlets that come with toys are very useful. Here is my “big tip”. If you have a printer that prints 8×11 size pages and it has the small 35 pictures per page setting I like to use that for small collages. I also enjoy the 9 pictures per page setting. I rarely use the 4×6 or 5×7 settings.

I’m not really into doing a whole layout per page(s). To me personally it seems too much like scrap booking. Take for example you went to see a Garbage show. So you make your little layout maybe with some watercolors on the edges of the page, some fake fur, pink feathers, tape and a fake rose. You add some pictures of the band and their names and a set list and you are done. But then if you want to write on the next page it’s all lumpy from all the things you put in there not counting if this is not the first entry of the book. It’s nice and all if you are into that, but I’m more interested in how the concert made me feel than just slapping a set list onto a page and gluing stuff into the book. I usually use this stuff for the cover. As long as it doesn’t make it too lumpy. I hate writing on lumpy surfaces. Even as a little kid when they would make us glue and paste things in school, and then color them when wet it would drive me up the wall. I used to get in trouble for coloring the thing first and then affixing it.

Prompts. I find prompts and quotes too limiting. I find those are helpful for journal noobs who can’t really think of anything to write. I think that prompts are actually better for me and public blogging. I find that a lot of the prompts are very strange they are things like “If I was a dog…” or the prompts are way too vague like “pizza”. If I saw that prompt I would think “What about pizza? Pizza recipes? My favorite toppings? My favorite kinds/brands? Should I write a story about pizza? Real or made up?” Half the time I would ignore them and write about something completely unrelated. It would go like this ; “Pizza… my friend Betty used to like pizza. We were in the 4th grade together. I remember she listened to Jade. What happened to Jade? Music from the 90s was so good. They don’t make R&B like that anymore…” Then I would go into a rant about 90s music. I tried quotes before. Once when I thought I had nothing to write about. Quotes are so easy to come by even if you still go to school and get those free planners. A lot of times there are some quotes in those. These are like the 2 quotes I see in like every planner. “You were born with two ears and one mouth for a reason.” and “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Quotes and prompts bring back bad old memories of having to do this in elementary school and junior high and some how completely missing the point of the prompt. You can do all those things in a blog like adding pictures because they don’t get lumpy. You just need a site to host them.

A lot of people like to write journals and then destroy them like shredding them or burning them. Or they like to leave them somewhere for people to find them.

Oh yeah and you’ll never see me doing a journal flip through video.

Cancellation City — May 18, 2017

Cancellation City

I heard about ABC’s live musical of The Little Mermaid. I’m curious to see how it looks. You know with them being underwater and all. I guess it will be like the Broadway musical. I’ll participate in a fake Little Mermaid viewing party and wear a fin like those people from the “Hairspray viewing parties” that didn’t look all that sporadic.

The Odd Couple got cancelled too. That show was ok. I did really like the Christmas episode when hardly any of the characters knew what a Bouche de Noel was.

Dr. Ken was good during the first season, but the second season was lackluster. I’m not surprised or upset it got cancelled. It was becoming meh.

2 Broke Girls was on it’s last legs too. This last season was pretty bad. Even I could barely stand it. As the series progressed they didn’t seem all that broke. Like that one season finale when they go to Paris.

The Great Indoors. That show was so-so and sort of hard to understand. Not very upset about this one. Plus it only lasted one season.

I am looking forward to the Young Sheldon Cooper show. The trailer looked interesting. I hope they don’t screw it up like The Carrie Diaries. I never saw more than 5 episodes of Sex and the City, but I heard the prequel was highly inaccurate.


Hands and Feet — May 17, 2017

Hands and Feet

I know hand fidget things are all the rage right now. They are very helpful for a lot of people; except for one thing I have fidgety feet and legs. When I’m sitting I don’t play with bottles and pens and things like that. I’m that annoying person you used to sit next to in class who kick their feet stomp their feet swing their legs and other stuff like that.

image host

There’s No Other Way — May 15, 2017

There’s No Other Way

I’ve been trying to get a lot of writing done. My dad was home all last week, so I could not get much done. Or what I did do I got done late at night. Then I got in trouble for staying up late. I didn’t have any alone time.

When you wake up to text messages it’s usually not a good thing. They’re from my group members some were from 6AM. I spent a lot of time this week brainstorming ideas from games that I can rip off game shows. Was there something else I was supposed to do? For either of my projects? They woke me up early like at 7 something AM. If I got up that early I would need a morning soda.

It was cold today with sporadic rain. I brought the leftover soda to school with me. I made sure to check that the cap was on tight.

Parking lot was crowded today for some reason. Isn’t it a bit early for that?

So we were brainstorming ideas for this transfer graduation ceremony. My teacher obviously didn’t go to high school with me. We made things out of “nothing”. Usually out of nothing more than markers, cardboard, tempera paint, masking tape, paper towels, and sometimes Scotch tape or hot glue.

It brought back bad memories of high school. Where they would make a big deal about people going to community colleges and the universities. Pennants, college fight songs, yearbook spreads; the whole deal. But you are already there at the community college. So the next step is the university. They have to make a big deal about it since this school’s graduation rate is 30%. Then what happened to the other 70%?

The really hard thing is that we don’t really know anything about the people and what they want or where they are going. I feel like this is some kind of bad reality show challenge or something.

When we get to the building that the event is going to be held at. Some other group is decorating it for their event. I was the first one who said just to copy what they were doing then somebody else said that too.

Some girl said she had been in school for too long; 6 years. I thought about how long I’ve been in school. As I walked back I counted on my fingers I counted 8 years in total. Which were not even consecutive. There was 2 years and 5 years “of nothing”. That is a total of 7 years of nothing.

He said we could not do much for the decorations because we can’t bring outside things like flowers (fake or real) or balloons. And if we did there would be extra paperwork or something. I was reminded of that episode “Almost There” from The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss which is pretty much about bureaucracy.
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We got to pick the committees we were going to be on. I wasn’t sure what I was good at to contribute. I really wanted decorations, but like 10 people picked that. I went with food. I figured how “hard could food be?”. We were told last week you just order the food and the quantities there is a catering service the school has. I don’t have to cook anything.

It’s hard to gauge people’s food allergies when you don’t know who is coming to an event. You have to consider vegetarians and people who don’t eat pork. And people with nut allergies.

About half way into class I’m usually fantasizing about food. Usually some kind of meat. I get so hungry in there. It didn’t help that I was on the food committee this class session.

Some girl in my group randomly says she’s a Yankees fan. Why are you name dropping that? Then she was saying about tall pitchers. Why are tall pitchers a thing? Aren’t pitchers usually tall? Or baseball players in general? Remember Randy Johnson? Maybe the people in class are too young to remember him?

Somebody asked what coq au vin was I was the only person who knew in my group what it was and how to pronounce it. The literal translation is rooster or cock with wine. I just learned how to say it for French class.

My group said this is way better than taking a test and they all agreed. A large part of me would have preferred a test. I hate to sound like a nerd here, but tests aren’t so bad compared to planning an event. Especially tests for communications classes. If it was math I might have said event planning.

I can be an annoying student like Sheldon Cooper. I annoy people with so many questions. It’s why I’m not so enthusiastic about my secret hobby anymore, but that is another blog for another time. All I wanted to know was that the work I have done has been graded and recorded.

Planning this event made me feel like I was in some type of math show like It Figures or Math Works. This old AIT shows; the Agency for Instructional Technology (or television) Is AIT even around anymore?

Too bad Sue Heck isn’t a real person she would be all over this.