I found some old Kara’s Flowers songs. Those old DVDs made me remember about them. Too bag the “Stagg Street Recordings” never got a wide release. There are some good songs on that album.

Before class I think I saw my old speech teacher. He did not look like his jovial self he looked angry. Maybe I didn’t recognize him because he looked angry.

The people in my group were complaining about the voluntary assignment. I was telling them about my crazy reporter teacher. They were saying what I was saying they want free labor.

The event was cancelled for one day. It was a 2 day event now whittled down to one. People fly in from Michigan for this event? Since it was cancelled he is going to look for a replacement event. It didn’t matter I didn’t sign up for it either time. Part of me would be fine with taking the punishment assignment instead. He told us that the class has to have to service learning assignments; it’s part of the course. That it would happen if he taught the class or somebody else. Which I don’t believe I think it’s fake or something.

I had to go and print out the group project only because I was the only person who had a school ID on them in the group. Then I really had to use the toilet. It reminded me of in Detective Conan when he would act like he had to go to the bathroom but usually he would look for evidence.

Since we did a project about Millennials we use a clip from The Great Indoors. I wanted to make the people sound old timey so I threw in some old slang and names of things/references. It was really fun to write. That guy in my class is still playing the “old” card. Because of this he spills out a bunch of inaccurate age related nonsense.