This prompt is about quirky things about you.

My quirkiest talent: telling if a cookie is made from scratch dough/ if it has been re-rolled if it is a cut cookie.
An odd pastime of mine: watching infomercials
Weird thing that makes me laugh: luggage/bags/baggage/backpacks/purses
Weird foods I love to eat: there are quite a few; donuts and cheese, uncooked corned beef from a can or pouch, rib patty and lettuce sandwiches (I prefer the rib to be cold)
A quirk I have about food: I like to sort my food if it comes in an assorted variety like Skittles or Fruit Loops.
One word I always say: “like”
My quirkiest physical feature: my teeth
Normal thing other people can do that I can’t do: whistle

roll my tongue
Dumbest tv show I still like: A lot of the shows I like are “dumb” to a lot of people so I’m not sure maybe “Peach High School Baseball Club”?

Silly song I still like: I like a lot of novelty music so this is really hard to say. “Cake for Breakfast”?