I’ve been trying to get a lot of writing done. My dad was home all last week, so I could not get much done. Or what I did do I got done late at night. Then I got in trouble for staying up late. I didn’t have any alone time.

When you wake up to text messages it’s usually not a good thing. They’re from my group members some were from 6AM. I spent a lot of time this week brainstorming ideas from games that I can rip off game shows. Was there something else I was supposed to do? For either of my projects? They woke me up early like at 7 something AM. If I got up that early I would need a morning soda.

It was cold today with sporadic rain. I brought the leftover soda to school with me. I made sure to check that the cap was on tight.

Parking lot was crowded today for some reason. Isn’t it a bit early for that?

So we were brainstorming ideas for this transfer graduation ceremony. My teacher obviously didn’t go to high school with me. We made things out of “nothing”. Usually out of nothing more than markers, cardboard, tempera paint, masking tape, paper towels, and sometimes Scotch tape or hot glue.

It brought back bad memories of high school. Where they would make a big deal about people going to community colleges and the universities. Pennants, college fight songs, yearbook spreads; the whole deal. But you are already there at the community college. So the next step is the university. They have to make a big deal about it since this school’s graduation rate is 30%. Then what happened to the other 70%?

The really hard thing is that we don’t really know anything about the people and what they want or where they are going. I feel like this is some kind of bad reality show challenge or something.

When we get to the building that the event is going to be held at. Some other group is decorating it for their event. I was the first one who said just to copy what they were doing then somebody else said that too.

Some girl said she had been in school for too long; 6 years. I thought about how long I’ve been in school. As I walked back I counted on my fingers I counted 8 years in total. Which were not even consecutive. There was 2 years and 5 years “of nothing”. That is a total of 7 years of nothing.

He said we could not do much for the decorations because we can’t bring outside things like flowers (fake or real) or balloons. And if we did there would be extra paperwork or something. I was reminded of that episode “Almost There” from The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss which is pretty much about bureaucracy.
image host

We got to pick the committees we were going to be on. I wasn’t sure what I was good at to contribute. I really wanted decorations, but like 10 people picked that. I went with food. I figured how “hard could food be?”. We were told last week you just order the food and the quantities there is a catering service the school has. I don’t have to cook anything.

It’s hard to gauge people’s food allergies when you don’t know who is coming to an event. You have to consider vegetarians and people who don’t eat pork. And people with nut allergies.

About half way into class I’m usually fantasizing about food. Usually some kind of meat. I get so hungry in there. It didn’t help that I was on the food committee this class session.

Some girl in my group randomly says she’s a Yankees fan. Why are you name dropping that? Then she was saying about tall pitchers. Why are tall pitchers a thing? Aren’t pitchers usually tall? Or baseball players in general? Remember Randy Johnson? Maybe the people in class are too young to remember him?

Somebody asked what coq au vin was I was the only person who knew in my group what it was and how to pronounce it. The literal translation is rooster or cock with wine. I just learned how to say it for French class.

My group said this is way better than taking a test and they all agreed. A large part of me would have preferred a test. I hate to sound like a nerd here, but tests aren’t so bad compared to planning an event. Especially tests for communications classes. If it was math I might have said event planning.

I can be an annoying student like Sheldon Cooper. I annoy people with so many questions. It’s why I’m not so enthusiastic about my secret hobby anymore, but that is another blog for another time. All I wanted to know was that the work I have done has been graded and recorded.

Planning this event made me feel like I was in some type of math show like It Figures or Math Works. This old AIT shows; the Agency for Instructional Technology (or television) Is AIT even around anymore?

Too bad Sue Heck isn’t a real person she would be all over this.