I heard about ABC’s live musical of The Little Mermaid. I’m curious to see how it looks. You know with them being underwater and all. I guess it will be like the Broadway musical. I’ll participate in a fake Little Mermaid viewing party and wear a fin like those people from the “Hairspray viewing parties” that didn’t look all that sporadic.

The Odd Couple got cancelled too. That show was ok. I did really like the Christmas episode when hardly any of the characters knew what a Bouche de Noel was.

Dr. Ken was good during the first season, but the second season was lackluster. I’m not surprised or upset it got cancelled. It was becoming meh.

2 Broke Girls was on it’s last legs too. This last season was pretty bad. Even I could barely stand it. As the series progressed they didn’t seem all that broke. Like that one season finale when they go to Paris.

The Great Indoors. That show was so-so and sort of hard to understand. Not very upset about this one. Plus it only lasted one season.

I am looking forward to the Young Sheldon Cooper show. The trailer looked interesting. I hope they don’t screw it up like The Carrie Diaries. I never saw more than 5 episodes of Sex and the City, but I heard the prequel was highly inaccurate.