Here are my tips and tricks for journal ephemera. A lot of good resources are meal packaging like Happy Meal boxes just make sure they are not too greasy. Pamphlets that come with toys are very useful. Here is my “big tip”. If you have a printer that prints 8×11 size pages and it has the small 35 pictures per page setting I like to use that for small collages. I also enjoy the 9 pictures per page setting. I rarely use the 4×6 or 5×7 settings.

I’m not really into doing a whole layout per page(s). To me personally it seems too much like scrap booking. Take for example you went to see a Garbage show. So you make your little layout maybe with some watercolors on the edges of the page, some fake fur, pink feathers, tape and a fake rose. You add some pictures of the band and their names and a set list and you are done. But then if you want to write on the next page it’s all lumpy from all the things you put in there not counting if this is not the first entry of the book. It’s nice and all if you are into that, but I’m more interested in how the concert made me feel than just slapping a set list onto a page and gluing stuff into the book. I usually use this stuff for the cover. As long as it doesn’t make it too lumpy. I hate writing on lumpy surfaces. Even as a little kid when they would make us glue and paste things in school, and then color them when wet it would drive me up the wall. I used to get in trouble for coloring the thing first and then affixing it.

Prompts. I find prompts and quotes too limiting. I find those are helpful for journal noobs who can’t really think of anything to write. I think that prompts are actually better for me and public blogging. I find that a lot of the prompts are very strange they are things like “If I was a dog…” or the prompts are way too vague like “pizza”. If I saw that prompt I would think “What about pizza? Pizza recipes? My favorite toppings? My favorite kinds/brands? Should I write a story about pizza? Real or made up?” Half the time I would ignore them and write about something completely unrelated. It would go like this ; “Pizza… my friend Betty used to like pizza. We were in the 4th grade together. I remember she listened to Jade. What happened to Jade? Music from the 90s was so good. They don’t make R&B like that anymore…” Then I would go into a rant about 90s music. I tried quotes before. Once when I thought I had nothing to write about. Quotes are so easy to come by even if you still go to school and get those free planners. A lot of times there are some quotes in those. These are like the 2 quotes I see in like every planner. “You were born with two ears and one mouth for a reason.” and “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Quotes and prompts bring back bad old memories of having to do this in elementary school and junior high and some how completely missing the point of the prompt. You can do all those things in a blog like adding pictures because they don’t get lumpy. You just need a site to host them.

A lot of people like to write journals and then destroy them like shredding them or burning them. Or they like to leave them somewhere for people to find them.

Oh yeah and you’ll never see me doing a journal flip through video.