My mom upset because she thinks a store is closing. Good! (this is the store I had the yelp spat with an employee) There are much better be it a little more expensive stores in the area.

Then mysteriously around the time I was “reported” to yelp. These glowing reviews of that same employee that name that person by name appear within 15 days of each other. Something really doesn’t smell right here.

Plus yelp is very inconstant about people putting the names of people in their reviews. Why is it ok to say something like “Alice was so helpful at the Hot Topic. Great cashier! And so stylish too!” But you are not allowed to write “Tom was a terrible waiter. He spilled red wine on my new white jeans, and gave me a roast beef when I ordered chicken.”

Honestly I don’t care if that store closes. It really sucks. They never have the food I eat in stock. This has been a problem since 2011 when my family started shopping there. And this problem with yelp and that employee just upped my disdain for that store. I wouldn’t want to shop there if they sold 25¢ lobster tails everyday of the week. FUCK THEM!